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Loki Season 2 Will Be Introducing A Major Marvel Team

By Eswar Keshav
September 9,2022

The latest reports, suggest the introduction of a few new characters in Loki Season 2 and setting up a team of the same name in MCU.

The team which is rumored to appear is supposed to be none other than Marvel Comics’ own Justice League, Squadron Supreme.

Who Are The Squadron Supreme

Squadron Supreme

Squadron Supreme

The Squadron Supreme is a team of superheroes, who have similar powers looking like the counterparts of the DC Justice League.

The Initial members of the team constitute Hyperion, Power Princess, Nighthawk, Doctor Spectrum, Amphibian, Skrullian Skymaster, and Whizzer.

Consisting of a team of powerful members, this will be a great addition to the MCU, to showcase more potential powerhouses and teams who will be able to handle big threats of their own.

Future Implications On MCU

doctor strange


Following the events of Loki Season 1, we see Loki travelling to a different version of an Earth altogether with Kang being the head of the TVA in that specific universe.

This is a perfect time to showcase the Earth 712 team of Squadron Supreme and show the implications of breaking the timeline apart, which was done by a variant of Loki, Sylvie.

There was also an Earth 616 version of Squadron Supreme which was introduced in the comics later, after compiling different versions of the same characters from different Multiverse and universes compiling an Earth 616 version of the same team.

There have also been various other versions of this team, each generated from a different origin story with different characters being added to the roster.

Based on the rumors alone, there were reports of at least 5-6 members of Squadron Supreme being introduced in the next season for Loki. It further increases the anticipation of fans for the next instalment. This might as well be true, considering how the Loki S2 release date is locked for a Summer 2023 release date, making our wait a bit shorter compared to how much time we still have to wait for the other series.