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Loki Season 2 Will Have An Unforeseen Narrative Tease Marvel Directors

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 31,2022

If Loki wasn’t on Disney+, fans wouldn’t know about this Phase 4 focus on the Multiverse, which Doctor Strange and the audience know surprisingly little about. When it came to learning more about timelines, Variants, a Multiversal War, and He Who Remains, the Tom Hiddleston-led Marvel series did more than just follow the God of Mischief in his battle with the Time Variance Authority (TVA).

Sylvie, a female Loki Variant and Loki’s love interest, killed He Who Remains in the final episode of the show’s first season, freeing the Multiverse and its branching timelines. When Kang the Conqueror arrives, Loki is stuck in a TVA from an alternate timeline, trying to warn those who have forgotten about him.

This mystery will hopefully be solved in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which revisits the Multiverse for the second time in Marvel’s What If…? and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Season 2 of Loki’s story has been confirmed and now the show’s directors have given their thoughts on what to expect.

New Loki Directors Hint at Surprises

doctor strange


Ahead of Marvel’s Moon Knight’s debut on Disney+, fans are discovering more about Loki and its connections to both MCU series.

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, directors of Loki’s Season 2 and Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Episodes 2 and 4, spoke with ComicBook. In addition to their admiration for the two characters and their stories, the duo also discussed how they connected with them because “they feel like outsiders.”

“We know that the thing that appeals to us about Loki and Moon Knight specifically, it’s just among the MCU, they feel like outsiders. And there’s something about that that we really relate with.”

Moon Knight’s Dissociative Identity Disorder and multiple identities are well-known to Marvel fans, but Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of the character has yet to be seen by the public.

Meanwhile, Loki’s rise to evil was aided by the fact that he was adopted by his brother Thor, was different, and was overshadowed by him. While the God of Mischief has gained some notoriety as a result of his television series, he is a different kind of hero altogether.

Loki’s second season, according to Moorhead, will feature “new and unexpected” characters, as well as the chance to “getting to kind of do whatever (they) want.”

“I think the biggest thing about Loki is just that it’s actually a lot like Moon Knight, where there’s just no reason to do it if it’s not going to be something new and fresh. It’s funny is, it does feel like Marvel would be willing to walk away unless it actually is something that they felt the unexpected. Like from Moon Knight and especially because Moon Knight is a character where nobody knows almost anything about him, yet. Soon to be changed, right? And so our gloves are off and we get to kind of do whatever we want. And everybody at Marvel and ourselves gets really excited when we are presented with the unexpected. We also of course, hope that people watching feel the same way and we’re gonna bring all that to Loki.”

Will Doctor Strange 2 and Quantumania Impact Loki S2?

Doctor Strange, Wanda and Loki

In the same way that WandaVision on Disney+ was a mystery as to who was in charge, what was actually going on, and what the main characters would do, Loki was. In terms of aesthetics and design, they stood out from other shows and movies, including those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The simple truth that Marvel, and Loki’s new directing team, continue to embrace the “new and fresh” and “unexpected” is a good thing for fans. Season 2 won’t simply be a rehash of Season 1, but rather a continuation of the story that began in Season 1. It’s important to note, however, that the show may face some limitations in Season 2; that it did not in Season 1.

There’s no doubt that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will have an impact on Loki’s next season. In fact, if the rumors are to be believed, members of the Loki cast are scheduled to appear in the upcoming film, potentially setting the stage for the next chapter.

The events of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania may also dictate how Loki’s writers and directors have to work on Disney+. For now, it’s unclear how Loki’s new directing team will strike a balance between the unexpected and predetermined story beats; however, fans can see some of Moorhead and Benson’s work in Moon Knight and hope to get some answers in Doctor Strange 2 on May 6, 2022.

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