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Loki’s He Who Remains Was Proved Right All Along

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 30,2022

He Who Remains was right to oppose the creation of a multiverse in Loki, as shown by the multiversal chaos of Marvel’s What If…? season 1 and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Finally, the MCU’s multiverse became a reality in Loki, when the Time Variance Authority captured and tried a different version of the trickster god. A multiverse is a natural state of affairs, and any moment can serve as a starting point for new timelines. By destroying these nodes, they were doing their job, which was to ensure that only one “Sacred Timeline” existed.

How Phase 4 Proves He Remains Right

Kang, Watcher And Avengers

The TVA’s true ruler, He Who Remains, a reincarnation of Kang the Conqueror, the victor in the previous multiverse war, was revealed to Loki when he peeled back the curtain. It’s impossible to predict what will happen when two separate timelines become aware of each other. There are many branches that will be peaceful, but there will also be those that will seek to demonstrate their superiority over the rest. To ensure that no new branches were created after the previous multiversal conflict, He Who Remains used Alioth, a predator that consumes reality. When he died, along with TVA, a new multiverse was born.

As a result of the events of Phase 4, He Who Remains has been proven correct. A new Ultron was introduced in the final two episodes of Marvel’s What If…?, and he extended his insane mission to destroy all life across dimensions. His reign of terror spread across multiple universes before he was brought down by the multiverse’s Guardians of the Multiverse. Ultron was only defeated as a result of the Watcher breaking his vow of non-interference and creating the Guardians of the Multiverse to act as his agents against Ultron. This was followed by Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which Doctor Strange made the mistake of attempting to assist Peter Parker and accidentally broke the multiverse in the process.

Making Drastic Choices

Kang - Good or Evil?


Even into the most well-intentioned, sorcerers can unintentionally break the multiverse, as demonstrated by Doctor Strange. Ultron is the one who shows how dangerous the multiverse can be, despite this. Awakened to the cosmic awareness that the Watcher was watching him, he was only freed as a result. Because the Watcher happened to be looking at the wrong time, countless dimensions were annihilated.  When it comes to creating a single sacred timeline, it appears that the only other option is chaos and destruction, because, for every timeline where people choose good, there is an alternative timeline where they choose evil.

However, He Who Remains’ solution to this was even more devastating than Ultron’s. While Ultron was in the Panoptichron, the home of the Watcher, he used that time to sterilize a massive number of timelines, erasing all traces of life as we know it. The TVA, on the other hand, was led by He Who Remains and was responsible for eradicating every branch of the timeline that had ever existed. Ultron’s death cost the TVA billions of dollars. That doesn’t mean that He Who Remains was right in terms of ethics, and that the multiverse’s natural inclination toward chaos will lead to both creation and destruction, even if he was right theoretically. After all, according to What If…?, for every predatory timeline, there are eight others that are not.

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