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Loki’s Victory In 2012 Would Lead To A Different MCU: Here’s How

By Abraham George
February 12,2022

When the first season of Loki came to an end, it made it possible that Loki could have taken over Earth during the events of Avengers. The goal of Thanos would have to change if that alternate history was true.

During the Loki finale, Miss Minutes said that if Loki had been able to take over Earth in the 2012 movie The Avengers, it would have changed the MCU in a big way. Loki’s plan to rule Earth as retaliation for his abuse in Asgard was stopped by the Avengers in the first movie.

He also worked for Thanos, the main antagonist in the previous three MCU films, by getting him an Infinity Stone and ultimately wiped half the universe in Infinity War. This revelation was made in the same movie. During Loki’s defeat, the Tesseract, which held the space stone, was returned to Asgard. The mind stone was taken by Hydra.

The Alternate Realities Of Phase 4

The multiverse as seen in Loki

The multiverse as seen in Loki

Loki and What If…? showed that there are infinite worlds with infinite variants of MCU events in Phase 4 of the MCU, which deals with the multiverse as a whole. When the show came to an end, the possibility of Loki actually destroying New York and taking the world in his palms would have been clearly possible.

If this had happened in the main timeline of the MCU, the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame would have been very different than they are now. Thanos’ plan to get all six Infinity Stones would have been different.

Loki’s history in the MCU shows that he wouldn’t have helped Thanos win the fight. If Loki had taken over Earth, he wouldn’t have given any of the Infinity Stones to Thanos in the MCU after The Avengers. For fans, this could be the last time they get to see this alternate history of the MCU. Season 2 of What if…? In addition, the Infinity Saga and Loki’s relationship with Thanos are good places to start when talking about this possible situation.

The Impact Of Loki’s Invasion On Earth

Loki in The Avengers 2012

Loki in The Avengers 2012

If Loki’s attack on Earth was successful, our planet would have looked very different from how it does now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it wouldn’t even look like our planet. Loki’s character was depicted a few times in The Avengers.

The god of mischief thinks that people were made to obey people in power, and he wants to crush them with his boot like an ant would be crushed by a boot. According to this evidence, Loki’s control of Earth would have been a terrible dictatorship that would have led to a dark dystopia ruled by an alien god and his army of alien warriors.

It’s interesting to note that Thor: Ragnarok, which came out in 2017, seems to show that this isn’t true.  In his third solo trip, Thor finds out that Loki had been pretending to be Odin and taking over the throne of Asgard. It looks like he was a kind person who was also a little self-conscious.

In part, this may be because he has grown up and changed his bad persona from The First Avengers. Odin couldn’t run the Asgardians as well as he wanted to rule the world, so he couldn’t do that. He would still have been vindictive, and that would have led to a dark and dark future for the planet if Loki had been able to take over Earth in 2012.

The Balance Of Power Between Loki And Thanos



Thanos dispatched Loki to Earth to retrieve the Space Stone, and equipped him with his famed sceptre, which housed the Mind Stone. He took a calculated gamble by giving up one Infinity Stone in the expectation of gaining two in exchange. If Loki had defeated the Avengers in the Battle of New York, he would very certainly have challenged him in the same way Ronan did in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thanos killing half of Loki’s people would be a bad idea because he came to Earth to become king. Furthermore, Loki had two Infinity Stones, while he didn’t. This led him to think that he could defeat the Mad Titan with his own hands. As shown by his MCU background, he also tried to kill Thanos in Infinity War. This shows that he would fight against himrather than work with him, as he did in Infinity War.

Loki Could Crumble Thanos

Loki The Dark World

Loki in Thor: The Dark World

If Loki had been ruler of Earth, Thanos’ battle for the Mind Stone could have been more difficult. Though his Chitauri army would have turned against him and rejoined him, Loki would still have two Infinity Stones and could call the Asgardian forces for help if he needed it.

To keep him out of Wakanda, the Avengers tried their best, but they couldn’t keep up with his might. For his part, Loki might wield two Infinity Stones to defeat him, making him a more formidable foe than the Avengers on their own.

However, even if Loki had two Infinity Stones, he would not be able to defeat Thanos even with them. Because he already knows about Loki’s two Infinity Stones, he will most likely wait until he has the other four.

Loki Is A God, But A Mortal Too

Thanos chokes Loki to death, in Infinity War

Thanos chokes Loki to death

It is quite unlikely that Loki would be able to stop Thanos even with two Infinity Stones at his disposal. Loki’s two Infinity Stones would already be known to him; thus he would likely wait until he had all four before confronting him. He would be unbeatable even if Loki had two Infinity Stones, especially if the Power, Reality, and Time Stones were in his possession. For one thing, he’d have no one to turn to for help should him attack, which would be a serious setback for Loki.

Season 2 of What If…? won’t show us what Earth might look like under Loki’s control if this alternate past isn’t utilized as the basis for an episode. The last episode of Loki may have hinted to another reality that would be investigated in the next second season, as has previously been announced.

No one knows what other universes and parallel universes may be revealed in Phase 4 of the MCU, as Spider-Man: No Way Home established that anything is possible.

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