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Lottie Moss Enjoys A Day At A Far-Flung Music Festival In A Highly Exposed Black Bikini

By Alankar Nayak
November 1,2021

Lottie Moss left little to the imagination as she uploaded numerous hot Instagram updates on Sunday while attending The Estate Festival in Bedfordshire.

In a highly plunging black bikini, the model, 23, put on a very busty display at the socially-distanced event held at Turvey House. Lottie knew how to work her finest angles in her swimwear as she posed for sensual photos with her companions in a glamping area.

Lottie Moss Enjoys A Day

The woman completed her appearance with a delicate silver cross necklace and matching earrings. Lottie wore her bubblegum-colored hair in a sloppy bun and wore dewy makeup with pink tints on her cheekbones and lips.

Lottie appeared to be sleeping with pals at a boutique camping site while attending The Estate Festival in Bedfordshire. The event is a four-week socially separated festival series in which bubbles of six are assigned to their own booths while dancing and being served drinks by servers.


Lottie Moss Enjoys A Day

She sarcastically begged people to subscribe to her explicit website on pornographic site Glow just days before the seductive images so she could pay her bills. Storm Management was said to be conducting a frantic battle to keep her from damaging her career months ago.

The actress, who came to popularity as a starlet with the promise of a lucrative fashion career, now sells racy images of herself on Glow, a website where pornographic photos of influencers can be purchased for as little as £3.

Lottie Moss Enjoys A Day

According to insiders, Storm fought tirelessly to protect Lottie and save her from herself,’ however, some family members believe she may have already wrecked her future. ‘These photographs and the route she’s on will influence her future as a model, but also as a woman,’ a source told Charlotte Griffiths of The Mail On Sunday. What if she decides she wants a regular career one day?

Lottie Moss Enjoys A Day

‘Storm cannot allow Lottie to become another victim of this insane influencer-meets-celebrity, image-obsessed culture. Her mental health must be safeguarded.’

‘Storm feels quite protective of the adorable Lottie,’ claimed another insider close to the agency. They are hopeful that this phase would pass quickly.’

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