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Lottie Moss Wears A Tiny Crop Top To Show Off Her Underboob

By Alankar Nayak
February 18,2022

Kate Moss’s younger half-sister Lottie uploaded a pair of steamy photos on Instagram on Sunday after saying she’s entered rehab.

OnlyFans’ 24-year-old celebrity posed provocatively, exposing her G-string and exposing her underboob.

Lottie Moss

Another black-and-white photo shows the influencer removing her grey tracksuit bottoms to reveal her underwear while covering her nipple with her hand.

Lottie Moss

The photographs come after the model’s father stated she is doing ‘great’ in rehab while undergoing drug addiction therapy. She stated that she checked into a facility last week and has kept her site updated with racy photos and videos.

Lottie Moss

After a fan accused Lottie of focusing on her social media posts rather than her recuperation, Peter Moss told The Sun that his daughter is ‘fine.’

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