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Love And Thunder: Must See Things From Jason Aaron’s God Of Thunder

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 31,2022

Since Taika Waititi announced that Gorr would be the main antagonist in Love and Thunder, fans knew that acclimatization to Jason Aaron and Esad Ribi’s Thor: God of Thunder had been on the way. After the teaser and trailer were released, it is clear that this comic series had an impact on the film. Featuring everything from Gorr’s Black Berserkers to the corpse of Falligar, the Behemoth, Thor: God of Thunder is unquestionably a film about Love and Thunder. The comic series has a lot more material that fans would like to see adapted for the big screen.

It’s understandable that film adaptations can’t be exactly the same. However, Thor: God of Thunder features characters like Thor’s granddaughters who are ready to join the MCU. Epic battles and dramatic scenes are also included. Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to include these elements, according to fans.

The MCU must include Frigg, Ellisiv, and Atli as soon as possible.

As Gorr’s prisoner, Thor came into contact with three Thunder Goddesses who turned out to be his future granddaughters: Frigg, Ellisiv, and Atli Wodendottir. Since then, the three gods have been regular allies in Jason Aaron’s Thor stories.

The MCU has ceased to introduce any new Asgardian gods since the fall of Asgard. You can do it with Thor: Love and Thunder. Frigg, Ellisiv, and Atli could remind Thor that there is still hope for the future of his realm now that he has lost all of his family members.

Shadrak and a slew of deities from other pantheons should be included in Love and Thunder.

Shadrak, the God of Bombs, is one of the Marvel characters introduced in Thor: God of Thunder. After Gorr slaughtered the rest of his Pantheon, he was the only survivor. All that Shadrak had going for him was the information he gave Gorr about building a bomb that would destroy all gods in all of space and time. It is clear that Shadrak is critical of Gorr’s plans and should be included in the film.

Additionally, Thor: Love and Thunder offers robust gods from a variety of other pantheons, making it a must-have for fans. Russell Crowe has been cast as Zeus, and Akosia Sabet has been cast as the goddess Bast, according to the trailer. While there are many gods who could appear in this film to show the true extent of Gorr’s crimes, there are many more.

A Peek Into The Future Provided By King Thor Would Be Much Appreciated

God of Thunder’s first ten issues are devoted to the cosmic war between Thor and Gorr. Their feud dates back to Thor’s time fighting alongside the Vikings before he had Mjolnir. It lasts until only Thor remains on Earth-14412, the last refuge of his people. As a team, Gorr is defeated by the three Thors.

Thor: Love and Thunder’s trailer has sparked a slew of internet rumors that Earth-199999’s Thor will die. Because of this, fans would deeply appreciate seeing him as an elderly man before this occurs, even if it is an altered version of God of Thunder.

Taking Gorr’s Godbomb Absorption Would Be One Of Thor’s Greatest Achievements

In Thor: God of Thunder #11, Gorr finally detonated the Godbomb he had been working on for centuries. Gorr’s vision of a universe free of gods would be realized if this artifact were used to wipe out all divine beings, past, present, and future. As the bomb was about to go off, Thor used his Mjolnirs to absorb the energy and stop it.

Thor accumulating the godbomb’s blast would be an epic moment in the MCU, as this is one of the god’s greatest accomplishments. His Mjolnir is missing this time around, but he has a new weapon in the form of the Goddess of Thunder. The godbomb would be just as effective if both Gods absorbed it together.

All-Black The Necrosword has the potential to be one of the best MCU weapons.

All-Black, the Necrosword, forged from Knull’s shadow and tamed in Eternal Blood, is too potent for its own good. In addition to being the first symbiote ever created, Gorr has used this sword exclusively since he assassinated a god in order to obtain it.

All-Black The Necrosword from Thor: God of Thunder is one of those things that all MCU fans want to see in action. In the first place, it would be an extremely potent weapon. If it were to show up in Thor: Love and Thunder, it would also open the gates for Venom or Carnage to join the MCU.

Galactus or Necro-Thor would certainly excite the audience



The Last Days of Midgard, a narrative that stumps King Thor against Old Galactus, is featured in Thor: God of Thunder #19 through #24. Devourer of Worlds wants to devour Earth, which is now a deserted planet in this series. In spite of this, Thor is unwilling to part with his beloved Midgard. King Thor uses the Necrosword he retrieved from All-Black to stop Galactus, and after connecting with the symbiote, he transforms into Necro-Thor.

There is no Galactus in the MCU in 2022, which is disappointing to many fans of Marvel’s superheroes. It’s possible that Thor: Love and Thunder will help to remedy this situation. Even though he’s not a major character, the Devourer of Worlds could be introduced to the MCU in a post-credits scene in this film. The MCU needs its own Necro-Thor, even if it’s not possible. To end Gorr in Love and Thunder, this would be the ideal way to do it.

As evidence of Gorr’s chilling ferocity, Indigarr’s extinct deities’ corpses

Indigarr’s gods hang from hooks like meat in a butcher’s shop in one of the series’ most shocking panels. Thor looks on in disbelief. Falligar’s decomposition and the decaying corpse of the Behemoth are two early indicators that something is completely mistaken.

Esad Ribi’s faded colors in Thor: God of Thunder have a haunting quality from the first issue on. Fans know that Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be a lot of fun after seeing the trailer. It’s also going to be epic and dark, like some of the previous issues in this comic series have been.

Backstory plays an important role in Gorr’s development as a character.

Is Christian Bale's Gorr The God Butcher A Symbiote

Unfortunately for us, Gorr hasn’t always been this cold and heartless. With his wife and children, he was once an ordinary man living on a deserted planet. To him, gods were selfish and self-serving after seeing them die in spite of their prayers.

Thor: God of Thunder makes extensive use of Gorr’s backstory. Thor is able to defeat Gorr because of Gorr’s past. In addition, he becomes a much more interesting character as a result. The character of Gorr in Thor 4 must be treated with respect in order to be as compelling as Thor. One of Marvel’s most intriguing villains, he has a lot of potential.

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