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Love Island’s Liberty Poole Shares Racy Sauna Pics In Green Bikini

By Celeb Staff
April 18,2022

Love Island’s Liberty Poole gained a massive popularity after she became a sensational sweetheart of the reality TV show’s season seven. 

And the star continues to send temperatures soaring as she styles her bikini for a sizzling sauna snap on Friday in an update shared with her 1.5 million Instagram followers. 

The 22 year-old TV personality flaunted her beautiful figure in the snap. Liberty wore a lime green bikini, with high-waisted PVC bottoms and a triangle top that left little to imagination. 

Liberty Poole

Poole showed off her toned physique in a green bikini in sauna snap

Liberty Poole showcased her incredibly flawless abs in the picture as she posed up a storm from inside the sauna.

Her shoulder-length blonde tresses were curled up and swept into a side parting. Poole wore the glam in a full-coverage makeup look with pink blusher and a dark eye.

In the caption of the spa snap, Liberty penned: ‘Self care always’ 

Liberty Poole

Liberty Poole Instagram stories

Liberty Poole received ample validation from her former Love Island co-stars. They immediately got to the comments section to shower praises. Her Island bestie Kaz Kamwi commented ‘I wasn’t ready!!’ while Faye Winter wrote ‘Jheeez’.

Later that evening, the reality star sported yet another chic look as she wore a platinum, choppy wig.

Apparently, she was celebrating a friend’s birthday by attending a ‘wig themed night’. The star posted a bunch of selfies in the new look, and needless to say, she was smashing.

Liberty Poole

Liberty Poole via Instagram

Liberty Poole

Uma Thurman’s in the Tarantino classic (pictured)

Liberty Poole On Losing Touch With Fellow Contestants

In one picture, Liberty wrote ‘Pulp fiction vibes’, as she referenced the bob with Uma Thurman’s look in the Tarantino classic.

Liberty Poole’s update comes after her former Love Island co-star, Sharon Gaffka, revealed that the contestants were ‘forced to be friends’ on the show.

She talked about how inactive they all were on their social media, calling their group WhatsApp chat to be ‘dead’. She revealed that she has lost touch with many of her former housemates.

Liberty Poole

Pictured on Love Island, Liberty second to left and Sharon next to her on the far left

In conversation with The Sun, she said: ‘There is a WhatsApp group with like everyone in there pretty much. I think it’s quite dead. But it’s not in a malicious way.

‘I think because you are forced to be friends with people in the villa right?’

What comes as a testament to the claim is that Liberty Poole and Sharon Gaffka were not seen hanging out on any girls nights recently. With that said, Liberty still continues to maintain close friendships with other islanders. In fact, she often mentions her close friendship with Kaz. 

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