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Love & Thunder Theory Suggests Thor May Have Joined Fifth MCU Team

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 16,2022

A Thor: Love & Thunder theory could see Thor join the so-called “God Squad,” his fifth MCU team. When it comes to the MCU as a whole, Thor Odinson has emerged as the most valuable cog in the machine. Prior to joining the original team of Earth’s Avengers, he worked with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three for countless centuries. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor appeared to be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, a change from his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, where he named a new group “the Revengers.” Thor: Love & Thunder merchandise suggests he’ll be working with the Ravagers instead, a larger group.

In the most recent official synopsis for Thor: Love & Thunder, Marvel Studios has hinted at a new partnership. When Gorr the God-Butcher unleashes his vengeful rage on Asgard, Thor tries to retire from his dual roles as god and superhero. Even his ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, has been transformed into the Mighty Thor to help Thor Odinson combat the threat.

“Together, they embark upon a harrowing cosmic adventure to uncover the mystery of the God Butcher’s vengeance and stop him before it’s too late.”

Jason Aaron’s run on Thor is the primary source for the story of Thor: Love & Thunder. Another possible source of inspiration for Thor’s new alliance is hinted at subtly in the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer. The “God Squad” could make its MCU debut in this film.

The Council of Gods may be introduced in Thor: Love & Thunder



How does the Love & Thunder theory come to life? Despite the fact that Marvel’s first pantheon was introduced in 2011 with the release of Thor, studio executives were concerned that audiences would be uninterested in stories involving gods and the supernatural. Thor even threw in a line that would have pleased Arthur C. Clarke because it suggested the Odinson came from a realm where science and magic are one and the same thing, treating the Asgardians more like ancient aliens than actual divine beings. However, the MCU’s Egyptian pantheon, explicitly described as gods and even residing in an afterlife dimension, was introduced with Moon Knight. Russell Crowe as Zeus and Christian Bale as Gorr, the God-Butcher, will join the cast of Thor: Love & Thunder in this latest instalment of the Thor series.

One of Zeus’s first appearances in the MCU appears to be in the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer. However, appearances can be deceiving, as an external shot from Aaron’s run reminds us of a mystical realm called Omnipotence City, where all of the universe’s gods mix. The god Zeus is speaking to wear a wide range of clothing styles, despite the trailer’s focus on Russell Crowe’s Zeus. The Council of Godheads may be based on a comic book story in which all the gods of the universe are summoned to hear Zeus speak. Unless Gorr the God Butcher’s rampage is deemed to be the gravest threat to the universe, this body is only convened. When Thor Odinson receives the summons to the Council of Godheads, it is possible that he will be forced to come out of retirement.

Thor’s New God Squad Could Be Created by the Council of Godhood

Ra And Zeus Are 2 New Marvel Characters As Mighty As Odin

So it’s possible that Thor: Love & Thunder wasn’t solely inspired by Jason Aaron’s classic comic book run. However, also by another event known as the “Chaos War,” in which Earth was invaded by the Skrull pantheon. The Council of Godheads, foreseeing the demise of all gods, put together a team known as the “God Squad” to take on the challenge. The MCU’s God Squad, which includes Odinson, Valkyrie, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, and Korg as an ally, could be Thor’s new alliance. While it’s true that this would be a departure from the comics, there has been precedent for a similar departure in a Taika Waititi-penned film. Thor: Ragnarok’s “World War Hulk” story was not faithful to the comics in any way.

Thor’s character arc may be revealed if this is indeed the God Squad. Because he had never led a team before, Marvel’s Hercules was cast as the God Squad’s leader in the MCU. While Thor was raised to be king of Asgard, the MCU’s Hercules was raised to be a warrior, but he has since decided not to take on that role because he doesn’t feel qualified for it. The comic book character Hercules had to learn to trust himself as a leader, and Thor would have to do the same. When it comes to the MCU’s Phase 4, it’s possible that God of Thunder will play a larger role among the native Asgardians or even in the Council of Godheads.

Assuming the Council of Godheads theory appears in the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer, then Thor’s quest may lead him back to their world. When it comes to Gorr, his goal is to slaughter every god in existence, and an actual gathering of the gods would be a hard one to turn down. The introduction of Zeus in Thor: Love & Thunder is much anticipated, but the ancient Greek god may not live to see the end of the film, and many of the gods in his audience may perish as well.

In Thor: Love & Thunder, the God Squad may find themselves returning to the Council of Godheads, where Gorr threatens to turn it into a divine bloodbath. So, Thor Odinson’s victory over Gorr the God-Butcher would be seen by countless other gods, making it the greatest victory of his life. Despite Thor’s best efforts, fate has a different plan in store for him.

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