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Lucasfilm And Disney Want The MandoVerse To Carry On For Years

By Kunal Sharma
April 5,2021

The Mandalorian was a breakout hit for Disney and Lucasfilm. After the divisive nature of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, this show revived interest back in the Star Wars franchise. A lot of fans also believe that this show singlehandedly launched a new era full of unique episodic storytelling. 

As such, for a new generation, this show is going to be synonymous with Star Wars. Now, this is similar to A New Hope and how that was the launchpad for an entire gamut of new Star Wars content. So it makes sense that both Disney, as well as Lucasfilm, would want the show and the universe that it is set in to continue for years. Basically, they want MandoVerse to carry on as long as it can. 


Disney And Lucasfilm Want More Mandalorian

This news was reported by noted film scooper Daniel Richtman and while he has delivered some unique scoops before, but no one really needed a scooper to confirm this. After all, Disney green lighting all these new Star Wars shows like Ahsoka spinning out of The Mandalorian is proof that the company is interested in exploring the world of The Mandalorian further. 

Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau And Lucasfilm

This is further cemented by the fact that Disney+ is planning on debuting more than 100 streaming content annually. So it’s reasonable to assume a sizeable chunk of that will be Star Wars content. Not to mention the fact that there are potentially limitless storytelling possibilities with the 8 greenlit shows on Disney+ and 11 movies that have been released to now. So there’s a lot of stories that can be set in The Mando universe. 

Mando And Ashoka

Mando And Ashoka

Now if you ask us- could Disney+ collapse and the entire MandoVerse plans are left in the dust? Yes, it can, but it seems unlikely. In fact, streaming seems to be the future and Disney+ is winning that race. So for the foreseeable future at the least, The MandoVerse is all set to continue and thrive. 

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