Lucasfilm Reportedly Desires To Explore Alternate Star Wars Timelines
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Lucasfilm Reportedly Desires To Explore Alternate Star Wars Timelines

By Ishita Chatterjee
March 25,2021

Kevin Feige has repeatedly credited Star Wars as being the inspiration for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So he will definitely be fulfilling his dream of actually working on Star Wars movies soon. After all the script for his movie is being written by Michael Waldron. Marvel fans may have noticed that he has written the upcoming Disney+ MCU show Loki. 

But what about Star Wars? What new is going on there? 

What If..? Star Wars

What If..? Star Wars

Star Wars Looking To Explore New Ideas

MCU and Star Wars are two franchises that have a lot in common. Of course, this commonality runs way deeper than Disney being the owner of both these franchises. Fans of these franchises must have noticed that both of them have a very intricate shared and large universe. 

Fan Art of Star Wars Show With Female Lead In Different Timeline

Currently, the MCU is chugging along nicely on the big as well as the small streaming Disney+ screen. The same can be said for Star Wars. After the debacle of the Sequel Trilogy, Jon Favreau has brought back Star Wars and the glory it had with The Mandalorian. Not to mention that with Ahsoka and more such shows spinning out of it, the show is all poised to build its small-screen universe. 

Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau And Lucasfilm

But now that this shared universe thing is all the rage, it’s not that special anymore. So Disney and Lucasfilm are trying to come up with new ideas to keep Star Wars fresh and it looks like they have struck upon a unique idea. 

Star Wars To Explore Alternate Universes

It looks like the thing behind their inspiration is the upcoming Marvel animated series called ‘What If…?”. 

Marvel What if..?

Fans who keep themselves updated about all things Marvel will know that What If is a show that explores an alternate Marvel universe. That’s why the name of the show is- What If..? As in this could have easily happened in the main universe as well. 

What IF...? In Star Wars Universe

What IF…? In Star Wars Universe

Now, it looks like Lucasfilm has found this concept interesting and they are looking forward to exploring this with Star Wars. But for now, there’s no news as to whether this idea will be explored in films, tv series, or animated series. But it’s definitely something that will pique fans’ interests. If this turns out to be true then we can’t wait to see how things would have turned out in another Star Wars Universe! 

Source: WeGotThisCovered

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