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Lucasfilm Reportedly Planning A Star Wars Trilogy That Will Surpass Even Visions

Star Wars Visions has proved that there is no need for the franchise to focus on the Skywalker Saga or even strictly care about canon to be successful. And the next Star Wars project from Lucasfilm will possibly prove just that.

In fact, rumors say that it will make Visions seem like just a holiday special. This is because as per a new report, Star Wars will be entering a bold new era with a trilogy of movies that are inspired by the earliest origins of the galaxy far far away.

Lucasfilm Developing An Animated Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars New Trilogy

Nick Santos at The Hashtag Show has said that Lucasfilm is in the process of developing a complete trilogy of animated films that are inspired by the original Star Wars concept art. These concept arts are drawn by Ralph McQuarrie, who contributed to the franchise building.

These illustrations present some of the initial ideas that would go on to become part of one of the biggest science fiction franchises. But, it needs to be said that a tonne of McQuarrie’s concepts didn’t make it to the end product.

Before we explain this scoop any further, you need to know that Santos isn’t really a reliable source. Actually, even his own sources are anonymous. So there’s just no guarantee that this is correct.

However, even if this scoop is incorrect or if Disney cancels the project before it brings, this Star Wars project is way too interesting to not discuss.

So let us begin:

What Do We Know About The New Animated Star Wars Trilogy?

McQuarrie’s concept art depicting Deak Starkiller (aka, Luke Skywalker).

Santos’ scoop reveals that Lucasfilm has currently hired writers to work on the outline of all three movies. The studio took this step after the success of Star Wars: Visions. This made them pursue other animated projects.

McQuarrie’s art is the one that feels like the most obvious inspiration for this project. However, we are also hoping that we will get to see Visions season 2 because the one shorts have a lot of potential for expansion.

For example, shorts like The Ninth Jedi could be expanded on to create a trilogy of movies following the Skywalker Saga.

Kara in The Ninth Jedi episode of Star Wars Visions

Right now, the overall plot of these planned Star Wars films isn’t known. But there are some details found in the earliest versions of the original Star Wars film that could, in fact, inspire this new animated trilogy.

One of the most notable ideas of McQuarrie was Deak Starkiller. He was later on renamed as Luke Skywalker. The character was originally thought to be an established rebellion member.

Deak was going to be a captain already and a decorated pilot as well in the opening scene of the film. Star Wars was back then titled Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker In Return of the Jedi

If the makers had moved forward with this, then it probably wouldn’t have made Star Wars the juggernaut it is now. This is because a beginning where the main character is already an accomplished pilot and captain doesn’t encourage the viewers to relate to them.

Following this storyline would have undercut the hero’s journey we got with Luke. However, if this storyline is done now, then it would certainly be interesting to see how this one change causes a ripple effect on the rest of the trilogy.

Star Wars original trilogy posters

The scoop further details that each of the new Star Wars animated films will be based on A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of the Jedi. However, this time it will be McQuarrie’s original ideas that will be guiding the story.

Santos’ sources say that we shouldn’t expect original cast members like Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill to come back and voice the characters that were the prototypes for their characters.

Taking A Look At McQuarrie’s Concept Art

Early concept art of R2-D2 and C3PO

The most well-known Star Wars concept art from McQuarrie is definitely the one of Starkiller fighting Darth Vader. But that’s not the only concept art of Star Wars.

There’s an early design on R2-D2 and C-3PO too. Now, this would have been interesting to see in a movie.

McQuarrie’s idea of Dagobah

In another concept art, Starkiller with a sniper rifle-like gun could be seen. McQuarrie’s Dagobah concept art was also really beautiful.
Fans will surely be glad to know that The Millenium Falcon existed in the preliminary version of Star Wars as well.

Perhaps the coolest artwork was of the Stormtroopers fighting with lightsabers.

Earliest McQuarrie concept art showing stormtroopers with lightsabers

As always, take this scoop with a pinch of salt till anything official is announced. But till then, you can watch Star Wars: Visions that’s streaming on Disney+.

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