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Luke Has Ahsoka To Start A New Jedi Order With Grogu In The New Mandalorian Theory

At the end of The Mandalorian season 2, we saw that Din Djarin sent Grogu off with Luke Skywalker so that he could complete his Jedi training. But it’s possible that he might actually end up training with Ahsoka. Actually, it’s even possible that a totally new chapter of the Jedi Order might begin with her and Baby Yoda.

This is because, we know that in the original Star Wars continuity, the Legend universe has its version of the New Jedi Order. But that isn’t the case now in canon.

Right now, the closest counterpart of that New Order is Luke’s generation of Jedi, as was referenced during the sequel trilogy. As such, it’s possible that Ahsoka and Grogu end up during the New Order.

We know that Ahsoka and Grogu forming the new generation of the Jedi Order might seem implausible. But it’s certainly possible. Actually, we can even explain why Grogu might return to Ahsoka’s guardianship.

Not to mention the fact that we know why it needs to be just the two of them instead of Luke Skywalker, who created the New Order in Legends.

So let us explain to you.

Luke Skywalker Understood That The Old Jedi Order Had Problems

Luke Skywalker And Ashoka Tano

In Legends, Luke is pretty much the same character that we have known in canon. The point where Luke becomes different is after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

In the Legends version, we see Luke retaining his characterization that’s totally consistent with his personality and behavior presented in the original Star Wars trilogy.

So, over time Luke keeps on growing and developing. His victories and failures teach him triumph and humility. As time goes by, as a result of his experiences, he defines and then redefines what it means to be a Jedi.

One example of his growth is during the Return of the Jedi. There we saw that Luke didn’t follow the advice from the Old Order of Jedis when he felt like it was wrong.

Now, in Legends, he takes this one step further by creating the new Jedi Order. As fans will know, this Order is fundamentally quite different from the one we knew in the prequel era.

Why Was The Original Jedi Order Faulty?

A group of notable Jedis

In the Prequel Trilogy, we saw that the Jedi Order was disconnected from the views, and opinions of the people in the galaxy. They were headquartered in their ivory tower and were used as nothing more than a political tool of the Republic without any oversight.

The Jedis took force-sensitive babies from their families and taught them to suppress their emotions. They were also forbidden from owning any possessions or forming any kind of attachments.

We see in Ambush at Corellia, that Luke and Mon Mothma discuss the errors of the Old Order. Thankfully, this Luke doesn’t want to repeat those same mistakes with the new one he is building.

Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order Was An Improvement Over The Old One

Luke Skywalker in the Sequel Trilogy

So he creates a Jedi Order that is different. There he allows beings of any age to voluntarily join. Along with this, the followers are allowed and even encouraged to have a life outside of being a Jedi. Also, they can have possessions and romantic relationships as well.

Another thing that separates Luke’s Jedis from the previous ones is that his students control their emotions rather than suppressing them or getting controlled in return by them.

But in the canon version of Luke, despite the arc he has in Return of the Jedi, he really didn’t learn much from the mistakes of the Order. As such, when he built his order, it got almost destroyed by Ben Solo.

How Did Grogu Survive The Kylo Ren Massacre?

Kylo Ren vs. Luke Skywalker

There’s pretty strong evidence that Grogu doesn’t stay as one of Luke’s students by the time Ben Solo begins his Jedi training. This is because, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we see Luke say that he trained Ben Solo along with twelve other students in his Jedi Temple.

Now, we saw most of his other 11 students in The Rise of Kylo Ren comic series. Out of these 11, only 3- Hennix, Tai, and Voe survived when Ben destroyed the Temple.

Right now, Grogu is definitely a co-lead of The Mandalorian. He also has appeared way before the comic was published. So from an out-of-universe perspective, it’s certainly unlikely that he would get murdered off-screen even if he was Luke’s student during that time.

However, we do think that if Grogu was in any mortal peril, then Mando will surely come to his rescue.

Why Is Grogu A Part Of The New Jedi Order?


Now, if Grogu was a student of Luke at that time, then he would still have been an infant when Ben began his rampage. As a result, he wouldn’t have been fully trained as a Jedi.

So it’s possible that he could become one of the very first members of the new Jedi Order. After all, since he belongs to Yoda’s species so Grogu doesn’t age the way most humans or humanoids do.

So even though Grogu has lived for 50+ years, but he is still basically an infant. Due to this, Grogu needs more care and time than any other Jedi student.

Moreover, Grogu’s slow aging process means that he will probably stay as an infant for a really long time. Thus, he will need care and attention for probably decades. As seen in The Rise of Kylo Ren comic, Luke was the only one who was teaching as well as watching over the students at his temple.

So it’s unlikely that he was able to give equal undivided attention to all of his students while also taking care of a Force-sensitive infant. So one possibility is that Ahsoka and Luke were co-leading the brand new generation of the Jedi.

As such, they could alternate between caring for Grogu and teaching the students. Now, if this happened and if both the teachers believed that there’s a need for a new sort of Jedi Order, then the two can teach separate things.

Why Is Luke Not The Right Person To Lead A New Jedi Order Anymore?

Luke Skywalker In Return of the Jedi

Luke might stay with his students and give them training in the classic Jedi ways, whereas Ahsoka could probably raise Grogu as part of the new Jedi Order.

This is because, as shown in The Last Jedi, Luke wasn’t able to break the cycle that the old Jedi Order perpetuated. Also, he didn’t end up learning from his failures.

So, in the end, he learned all that he could about the Old Order and then ended up repeating the same mistakes that led to their failure. This leads him to depression and exile.

Due to this, Luke isn’t the right person anymore to make a new Jedi Order that can redefine the entire Jedi concept again. Viewers of the Sequel Trilogy will remember that when Luke was in exile, he explained to Rey that Jedi needed to end.

This was because he believed that the institution was ineffective and did nothing much but worsen conflicts. So it’s possible that when Luke became aware of the inadequacy of the Jedi Order (when he was rebuilding it), he made a contingency plan with Grogu and Ahsoka.

He might have told them to create a new order regardless of whether his Jedi temple succeeds or not.

Why Is Ahsoka The Right Person To Lead The New Order?

Ashoka Tano

Ahsoka was a prequel-era Jedi once. But she voluntarily left the Order during the Clone Wars after she was framed for bombing the Jedi temple.

The Order simply had no faith in her, and they were eager to cast her out before she was even proven to be guilty. After this, Ahsoka became an unaffiliated force user who lived by her own guidelines and ethics.

She is like the Legends version of the Master Jedi Luke Skywalker. Also, she has his mannerisms. After all, Ahsoka is a powerful but humble warrior who can create a more effective and emotionally healthy version of the Jedi Order if tasked with the job.

It also needs to be mentioned that Ahsoka has seen a lot more of the galaxy as well as the Force than canon Luke. She has been to Mortis, a mysterious world as well as to the plane called “World Between Worlds.

So Ahsoka could teach Grogu about the Force even better than Luke. Also, if Lucasfilm wants to emulate the DC and Marvel multiverse stories, then they could have Ahsoka visit the Legend universe via the World Between Worlds.

There she could learn about the original Expanded Universe’s New Jedi Order from a wiser and powerful Jedi like Mara Jade. Hell, it could even be the Legends version of Luke Skywalker as well.

If Ahsoka starts a new order with Grogu, then it will allow them to live through Ben Solo’s wanton destruction of Luke’s Jedi Temple. Note that the fact that she was able to survive the killing was confirmed by Dave Filoni in a way.

He believed that Ahsoka was alive during the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Not to mention, it’s also possible that Luke was involved in some way with Ahsoka’s decision to make a new order with Grogu as a contingency. If this happens, then it would act as a safeguard in case his created Order failed or got destroyed.

Sadly, these two fears came true, and so making a contingency plan was in fact a wise decision by Ahsoka and Luke. Even if we look at it from an outsider’s perspective, a New Order would allow Ahsoka as well as Grogu to include Rey as well in their new Jedi Order.

Thus, it might further connect The Mandalorian to the Skywalker Saga.

Of course, right now, there’s no way of knowing if this will indeed happen. But maybe season 3 of The Mandalorian could give us some clues.

However, that has a reported release date of Spring 2022 for now. So while you wait, you can check out the two seasons of The Mandalorian on Disney+.

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