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Luke Skywalker Making Grogu Choose Shows His Flawed Mindset

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 23,2022

Din Djarin and Grogu became an iconic pair right from the moment the bounty hunter found the little creature. He ultimately wanted to take the Force-sensitive green guy to his people- the Jedi.

But as we know, there aren’t many left in the post-Return of the Jedi timeline. However, Luke Skywalker did find Grogu in the end and took him in so that he could be the first in the new Jedi generation he was planning on making.

But that didn’t exactly happen.

As we saw, Grogu was too attached to Din, his found father. But, Jedis aren’t exactly allowed to form attachments. And as a result, Luke Skywalker put Grogu through a test.

He asked Grogu to choose between the beskar chainmail armor that Mando brought and Yoda’s lightsaber. One represents the Mandalorian way, and the other represents the Jedi one.

However, forcing this on Grogu made Luke a hypocrite.

Luke Skywalker’s Reverence For Master Yoda

Luke With Yoda

Luke With Yoda

The main issue is that the Jedi Master’s respect and reverence for Master Yoda show the very same issues with attachments he saw within Grogu’s heart.

Yoda’s influence can also be seen running through everything that Luke Skywalker does. For one, he established his Jedi Temple in a faraway place like Dagobah. Also, he draws on his previous master’s teachings while training Grogu.

In episode 6, he told Grogu to choose. Now, it’s clear that Luke himself is attached to Master Yoda’s lightsaber. He very clearly treasured it. In fact, Luke seems to have been way too attached to Yoda.

Skywalker: A Family At War book by Kristin Baver

Skywalker: A Family At War book by Kristin Baver

This is sort of ironic because recent Star Wars tie-ins have shown that Yoda was holding Luke back. The Skywalker: A Family At War biography by Kristin Baver supports this interpretation.

It shows that Luke’s love and reverence for Yoda was his downfall. This adoration prevented Luke from questioning his teacher’s teaching style, and so he couldn’t adapt it as per the unique individuals he was mentoring.

Luke’s Traditional Mindset Created by Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

As such, the relationship between Ben Solo and Luke was destined to deteriorate as a result. And as we know, Ben eventually became Kylo Ren and went to the dark side.

The Book of Boba Fett shows Luke’s weakness clearly. Also, this adds to The Last Jedi. Master Yoda’s Force Ghost showed up to pay Luke one last visit.

And during that, he passed on one unique lesson. Ironically, Luke’s attachment to Yoda meant that he was the only person Skywalker would have listened to.

It’s truly fascinating to see the subtle themes get woven through the fabric of this massive galactic franchise.

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