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Luke Skywalker’s Rescue Work In The Mandalorian Fits Better With His Own Theme

It’s undeniable that The Mandalorian is a hugely popular show. While baby Yoda is a big contributing factor to that, but the major reason is the plot and characterization. After all, it can be said with certainty that both the seasons ended on fantastic notes. However, S2’s Luke Skywalker surprise was perhaps greater than anything season one could offer and it served to better tie in the show with the rest of the Star Wars universe.

Being the protagonist of the main Star Wars movies, Luke’s scene was honoured perfectly with the music that played when he was rescuing Din Djarin. It served to honour the fact that he was the one who started it all.

Luke’s Rescue Effort In Season 2

In The Mandalorian season 2 finale titled “The Rescue”, Luke Skywalker showed up to save Din Djarin, Grogu, and his allies. The entire episode pretty much built up to his reveal as he slowly showed up, all mysterious, in an X-wing with astromech. The figure wielded a powerful green lightsaber and had on a black-robe. Once he showed up, he dispatched the dark troopers of Moff Gideon in a huge hallway fight that took the viewer’s breath away.

The Music Fit With The Epic Rescue Mission

Composer for The Mandalorian, Ludwig Göransson brought his A-game when it came to the music that played when Luke was dispatching the dark troopers. But he didn’t use any of the iconic music associated with the Skywalker. Göransson clarified this choice in an interview with Insider. He said:

“I basically wrote a new theme for Luke there because I wanted the reveal to be a surprise, I didn’t want to hint at anything.”

But fans wanted something a little more classic so they created one by themselves. Abraham ‘A’ Ignacio, a YouTuber, edited in music that’s much more recognizable to fans.

He edited in the theme of Luke by the esteemed John Williams and the music did match the fight scene perfectly well. But that’s not all he did. Ignacio ended the edit with the music “Binary Sunset” which is Obi-Wan’s theme. However, even that’s mostly associated with Luke. Yet, hearing the music as he meets Grogu works great as well.

Overall, the fight works well with both the music edits as they serve to show that he is still the best in the Star Wars universe.

Source: Nerdist

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