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Madonna Astounds Followers By Exposing Her Nipple

By Alankar Nayak
November 26,2021

Madonna has left her fans perplexed after sharing a bizarre set of photos in which the singer stripped naked for a racy image.

Madonna has been a sex icon for many years, and looking at her most recent shot; it’s easy to see why. The 63-year-old mother-of-six proved that age is just a number as she stripped down to the teeniest of lingerie cords.

The blonde beauty posted a series of photos of herself writhing on her bed in fishnet tights, scarlet bottoms, and a black lingerie set. Madonna was wearing a mesh two-piece, and images showed her nipple coming out of her bra after she forgot to hide it before sharing it to her profile.

Madonna bared all in the racy photograph.


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In another photo, Madonna raised her bottom into the air while holding onto the bed frame and looking seductively into the camera lens while wearing a strong makeup look. On the other hand, Madonna was flashing her booty as she wore a black thong and fishnet tights with red bottom shoes, ensuring that her backside was the center of attention.



Madonna’s hair fell beside her back as she posted the captivating photo to her Instagram account. The lovely 63-year-old also tweeted a selfie of herself naked in bed, with her breasts out for the camera – albeit a delicate red heart emoji lay over her nipple to cover off her intimates.

She didn’t leave much to the imagination



The beauty received over 900,000 likes on Instagram after posting the photo to her 16.9 million followers. People swarmed here with comments on Instagram, with one person simply writing, “Nipplegate.” “I’m shooketh,” remarked another.



However, many of her followers were less than happy with the blonde starlet and her photographs, with one user writing: “Instead of posting these silly pictures, do some of the quality songs like you used to do.” While Madonna received a lot of reaction, the beauty frequently meets controversy when she shares her constant crazy clothing – but she still loves her sparkling appearances.

Madonna has never been one to hold back, and she certainly has a ‘flaunt it’ mentality, with the beauty releasing endless breathtaking photos and stripping down for award events.

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Madonna

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