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Magik May Be Better For Doctor Strange 2 Than Wolverine

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 28,2022

When it comes to the X-Men in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel should go with Magik instead of Wolverine as their second choice. Wolverine is rumored to be making an appearance in Doctor Strange’s upcoming film, according to new reports. Supposedly, Hugh Jackman will not be playing him.

The X-Men are getting closer to a return to the big screen if what has been revealed thus far is to be believed. A cameo appearance from an X-Men character is likely rather than saving them all for their own film. In the Doctor Strange 2 trailer, Patrick Stewart’s voice confirmed that Professor X is joining the MCU via the multiverse, despite Marvel’s reluctance to do so.

Professor X In The MCU’s Illuminati

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Assuming that the X-Men creator is a member of a secretive group, it is possible that he is a member of the Illuminati. According to reports, the film could feature Professor X discussing his work with one of his allies, such as Wolverine. In spite of the fact that Wolverine’s presence in Doctor Strange 2 would be exciting, he is not the best choice to represent the X-Men. In terms of the story, a cameo for Magik would have been much more appropriate. As a member of the New Mutants, a prominent X-Men character, and Colossus’s younger sister in Marvel Comics, Magik is a beloved character.

The actress Anya Taylor-Joy played her in the film adaptation of the comic book series The New Mutants, which aired on Fox. Like the New Mutants version of Ilyana Rasputin, Marvel’s Ilyana Rasputin is linked to the magical world. The Soul sword, a magical weapon, allows Magic to travel to the Limbo Dimension, a demonic realm. A lot of her stories have her traveling across the universe and battling powerful demonic beings. She has also teamed up with Dr. Strange.

Magic and Magik Combined



A movie about magic and the multiverse could use Magik, even if it’s not as popular as Wolverine. When Professor X meets with his fellow Illuminati members, it makes sense that he would bring one of his own with him: Magik. She might be able to shed some light on the magical forces at play in the film’s plot. She could also participate in the fight with her Soulsword. Taylor-Joy could theoretically reprise her role, but the failure of New Mutants makes that scenario unlikely.

Her ties to the Limbo Dimension and the ethereal quality of her powers, regardless of how she’s introduced, would make her a natural fit for the big screen. But Wolverine has a much smaller role in this story, both in terms of scope and in terms of the magic it contains. That way, Marvel can continue building excitement for the inevitable introduction of the X- Men’s powerful hero, Wolverine, in a later film. In the meantime, Marvel can bring in X-Men characters that better fit the story they’re crafting, which is why Magik works best if there is a second X-Men cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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