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Major Professor X Theory Supported By Dr Strange 2’s Wolverine Rumor

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 23,2022

With Patrick Stewart returning as Professor X in Doctor Strange 2, many Marvel characters have been speculated to appear in Strange’s new solo adventure. Some of the others include Wolverine, and that rumor actually supports one of Professor X’s most popular theories. Phase 4 of the MCU sees the return of familiar faces, the introduction of fresh faces, and the exploration of new ideas, the most important of which is the multiverse.

Until NWH, the multiverse and its many dangers were fully explored in the TV series Loki. After the events of NWH, the MCU will explore the multiverse further in Doctor Strange 2, which takes place after the events of NWH. New and mysterious threats will confront Stephen Strange as he deals with the repercussions of the multiverse chaos unleashed by NWH. In order to save the multiverse from madness, Strange will need the help of old friends like Wong and Scarlet Witch, as well as new allies like America Chavez.

Professor X Will Not Be The Same

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Professor X himself, played by Patrick Stewart, makes an appearance in the second Doctor Strange 2 trailer. The Illuminati have taken Strange into custody to be judged for his “desecration of reality.” He’s referred to as a “mysterious voice” in the trailer’s subtitles. However, fans recognized his voice immediately. There are many theories about other characters from Fox’s branch that could show up in Doctor Strange 2, and Wolverine is one of them. This is so even though it’s not Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine from the X-Men movies. It supports a theory about Stewart’s Professor X not being the same as the one in the X-Men movies.

Because Doctor Strange 2 is a larger movie that explores the multiverse at a deeper and more chaotic level, characters from the Fox branch can make their MCU debut. Professor X in Doctor Strange 2 may be a different one from the one who appeared in Fox’s films. This allows other mutants to appear in the film without retconning their storylines, like Wolverine.

Resurrecting Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2 would be a betrayal of Logan. This eventually gave the character the perfect epitaph. As with Professor X, Wolverine can join the MCU without Hugh Jackman and become a new character in the MCU instead of just reintroducing them from previous films. The Multiverse of Madness is shrouded in mystery. It remains to be seen whether or not Marvel will reveal more details about the film’s plot before its release, or whether it will save some for the big reveal.

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