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Major Takeaways From The Lord Of The Rings – Rings Of Power First Teaser Trailer

By Soniya Hinduja
February 14,2022

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has immense hype building around its Amazon Prime premiere. While the series has quite a while before its big release, there are various behind-the-scenes shots, promotional stills, and full character posters posted by Vanity Fair. In addition, we had more than twenty rumored cast members appearing as interesting characters. Now, with Super Bowl Sunday, comes the very first trailer for The Rings of Power.  

Being a minute long, the teaser locks in several exciting glimpses of the LoTR canon. Particularly, the first looks of the realm of Numenor, and a much younger Galadriel and Elrond, are fueling the anticipation. The show will bring back familiar faces from Peter Jackson’s iconic trilogy in addition to new characters. 

However, Rings of Power is still floating in a bubble of mystery. All we know is that the show will be set in the Second Age and will explore Sauron and the Rings. But whether or not the show will take inspiration from the source material is still a question of speculation. The new trailer does manage to offer interesting details, and here are our major takeaways. 

The First Shot On Numenor

Lord of the rings

Numenor was the most prominent realm in the Second Age. According to some interviews with the directors, we know that Numenor will be the main basis of the show. The realm emerged from a disagreement between elves and humans. Elrond’s brother, Elros, was the realm’s first King. And even Sauron bowed down to him. However, after a long and tiresome rebellion about rings and the new king, Numenor was ultimately swallowed by the sea. It is uncertain if the show will follow the exact same story as the books. But the detail is enough to get the theories started. 

Nomadic Hunters

Lord of the rings

Vanity Fair’s behind-the-scenes look offers a better perspective on the angler-bearing people known as “nomadic hunters, wandering the fields of Middle-Earth.”

A Hobbit-Like Girl, Illuminated By A Lantern

Lord of the rings

The character, who appears to be either a Hobbit or a direct Hobbit ancestor, is played by Markella Kavenagh. The actual descendants of the Hobbits and how they evolved is something yet to be understood. But the LoTR notes state that their “beginning lies far back in the Elder Days that are now lost and forgotten.” 

A Huge Glacial Waterfall

Lord of the rings

The enormously beautiful waterfall is likely Lanthir Lamath, located at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The location was prominent for the First Age war against Morgoth. And in the Second Age, it’ll be known as Lindon. Or perhaps it’s just a waterfall supporting the scenic aspect of the show.  


Lord of the rings

While the trailer does not clearly reveal her, we are assuming this is Galadriel in her days as the Commander of the Northern Army. In action, she is neatly pulling off some Lara Croft moves on a glacier.

Stormy Seas

Lord of the rings

According to Vanity Fair, the person being rescued here is Galadriel and the person doing the rescuing is Halbrand. Halbrand is a new introduction, so the shot leaves ;ittle room for speculation. 

A Strange Elf 

Lord of the rings

Arrondir, a silvan elf. Is another new addition. Obviously, he is an extraordinary archer, but what landed him in this situation is a matter of intrigue. Later into the trailer, we see his ankle chained. It is possible that this encounter proves to be unfavorable for him. 

A Glowing Comet In The Sky

Lord of the rings

There is a sinister comet-like thing blazingly coursing the sky. Whether it is magic, a weapon or something else, we’ll find out.  

An Elf Suited In Gold

Lord of the rings

The dark haired elf is still a mysterious character. But a safe bet is that he is in London or Rivendell, and could be linked to Elrond. 

Galadriel Leading A Frenzy Of Horse Riders

Lord of the rings

Galadriel will pose as the leader of the Northern Armies. It appears as if the show will give her some thrilling action sequences to work with. 

A Possible Troll

Lord of the rings

We see a shot of a terrified elf as he turns and encounters a gigantic troll, or a troll-like creature viciously coming after him.

A Blooming Forest, With Some Elves

Lord of the rings

It looks like the edge of either Rivendell or possibly Lindon. However, the shot quickly switches up before we get a glimpse of what the elves are planning to do.

Prince Durin

Lord of the rings

Prince Durin IV is the prince of the Dwarven realm of Khazad-dum. He also stands as a lineage to some of the dwarves that accompanied Bilbo in The Hobbit. Across thousands of years, there were six Durins. If Durin IV is present in the show, it means that the show is set on the same timeline as the books. 

Young Elrond

Lord of the rings

While the trailer gives us the first look at young Elrond, it is difficult to understand what exactly is going on in the background. 

Dwarven Princess Disa

Lord of the rings

Disa, played by Sophia Nomvete, is the first female dwarf we’ve ever seen.

Galadriel Surviving In The Ocean

Lord of the rings

After various behind-the-scenes looks at Rings of Power from Vanity Fair, and trailer shots, how Galadriel and Halibrand ended up in this situation is still unclear. Considering Numenor is an island realm, the boat and the ocean could suggest that they are either arriving at, or leaving Numenor.

A Person And A Burning Crater

Lord of the rings

There are two people in this shot, and it looks like either a rescue or a fight. None of them is affected by the fire, so it is probably magic carried out by one of the Valar or the wizards (like Gandalf). However, this arc would be different from the books, because Valar did not exist until the Third Age. From physical attributes like the twig-like horns on her head, we can assume that this person is the Hobbit-like girl seen before. 

Dwarves Chopping A Rock

Lord of the rings

Apparently, the Dwarves at Khazad-dum are living their best, powerful lives. Their mining activities are in full steam, for now. 

Arrondir Facing Threat 

Lord of the rings

The brief shot shows Arondir taking a huge leap, while wielding an ax, as he tries to get on a ledge.  While the ax is not the elven weapon of choice, we notice that he is still shackled. So it is possible that the scene follows his captivity.

A Battle

Lord of the rings

An army of people in golden armor fighting orcs, and it is hard to tell who’s winning.

Small Hand Holding Big Hand

Lord of the rings

We have definitely seen one of these hands in the character posters. The gray color points at Gandalf. But because he arrives on Middle Earth later, it could also be Tom Bombadil. And the small hand is either a hobbit or a child.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power debuts on Amazon Prime on September 2.