Mandalore Fell Because Bo-Katan Broke The Darksaber Rules In This Mandalorian Theory 

Season two of The Mandalorian ended with a stunning moment that was masterly hidden before the episode aired. No one could have seen that twist

By Ishita Chatterjee
September 17,2021
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Season two of The Mandalorian ended with a stunning moment that was masterly hidden before the episode aired. No one could have seen that twist coming. However, that surprise wasn’t everything. The episode could have hints of what the future holds for the residents of Mandalore.

In “Chapter 8: Redemption,” of season two of the show, we see Din Djarin blow up Moff Gideon’s spacecraft and as a result, defeat him. But this isn’t quite the surprising cliffhanger since he came out intact from the craft.

What made fans scream was the visual of the prized Darksaber cutting through the metal shell with the help of the legendary Mandalorian sword that everyone believed was with Bo-Katan’s.

The Lore Of The Darksaber

Bo-Katan Darksaber
Bo-Katan Darksaber

Season 2 of the Disney+ show addressed this by bringing Bo-Katan into live-action. When she showed up, we got to know that she was trying to track down Moff Gideon so that she could get the weapon.

This is because, as per ancient Mandalorian belief, the one who wields the Darksaber is the one who unites the clans and reigns over Mandalore. However, as per a new Star Wars theory, it might be the Darksaber itself that was the reason behind the fall of their society.

After the Empire came into power, Palpatine wanted to subjugate Mandalore. But that didn’t pan out. After that, the Great Purge befell the Mandalorian people. During this purge, the Imperial legions laid the planet to waste and gathered their beskar.

Din Djarin vs. Moff Gideon
Din Djarin vs. Moff Gideon

The rest of the clans hid in various places of the galaxy and waited for the right moment to rise up. In The Mandalorian, we get to see that Bo-Katan was still fighting to reunite her people. She thought that the historical beliefs will help her accomplish this goal.

But when Mando’s gang enters Moff Gideon’s cruiser, Din Djarin himself challenges Gideon to a fight. He defeats the villain and then takes the Darksaber himself. But Din isn’t after the throne of Mandalore. So he tries to give the saber to Bo-Katan.

The sequence plays out in such a way that makes it seem like she is straight-up being afraid of taking it. However, in reality, she has already done so in the animated Star Wars Rebels show.

Bo-Katan Is Superstitious

Mando, Darksaber and Bo-Katan Kryze
Mando, Darksaber and Bo-Katan Kryze

In the animated show led by Dave Filoni, Sabine Wren gives the Darksaber up, and Bo-Katan takes it from her without a moment’s hesitation. So, the question is- what has changed since then? This involves superstition.

Mandalorians are a very superstitious bunch who are hellbent on completely holding onto the old thoughts and customs. So as a result, Bo-Katan might think that breaking the rules of the Darksaber is what led to the Great Purge.

And this may be why she is so hesitant to get the sword for herself. Screenrant explains this well:

“If her accepting the Darksaber without combat means her rule is illegitimate, perhaps Bo Katan and/or the rest of the Mandalore people believe the purge and loss of Mandalore was their comeuppance for accepting a leader who violated the Darksaber’s most sacred tradition. This would also explain why Bo Katan believes she needs the Darksaber to take Mandalore back, as well as the fact that she only has a few other supporters with her. She may need to get the Darksaber back, legitimately this time, to prove herself worthy of taking the planet back again.”

Mandalorian With Darksaber
Mandalorian Fan Art

This is a new and interesting theory that could give us more information about Bo-Katan’s character. But is this theory right? That will only be proven once the show returns in 2022.

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