Mandalorian Season 3: Is Episode 5's Extended Runtime A Sign Of Trouble Or Triumph?
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Mandalorian Season 3: Is Episode 5’s Extended Runtime A Sign Of Trouble Or Triumph?

Discover The Runtime Of The Mandalorian’s Season 3, Episode 5, And Explore How Its Length Compares To Previous Episodes.

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 25,2023

The Mandalorian’s Season 3, Episode 5’s runtime has been disclosed ahead of its Disney+ premiere on Wednesday. This marks the beginning of the second half of the season and follows the shortest episode in the series so far. Fans are curious whether this episode will have a similar length or a longer runtime leading up to the finale.

Runtime of Season 3, Episode 5 Unveiled


Twitter user Cryptic4KQual shared that the runtime for “Chapter 21” of The Mandalorian will be 41 minutes and 3 seconds, excluding dubbing and language credits. This makes it the third longest episode in the current season. To compare, here are the runtimes of the other episodes in Season 3:

  • Episode 1 – Chapter 17: 35 minutes and 16 seconds
  • Episode 2 – Chapter 18: 42 minutes and 24 seconds
  • Episode 3 – Chapter 19: 56 minutes and 11 seconds
  • Episode 4 – Chapter 20: 30 minutes and 53 seconds

Chapter 21 is directed by Peter Ramsey, the director of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and written by Jon Favreau. The episode is set to debut alongside the two-part finale of The Bad Batch, titled “The Summit” and “Plan 99.”

Can Episode 5 Shed Light on Season 3 Direction?

The Mandalorian season 3

The Mandalorian season 3

Though the next episode is only around ten minutes longer than Chapter 20, significant developments can occur within that time frame. Fans are eager to see if the episode will give them a clue about the direction of the rest of Season 3.

So far, the season’s trajectory remains uncertain. Initially, the expectation was that Mando’s journey to Mandalore would be the main focus, but this storyline concluded by the end of Episode 2. In Season 2, the fifth episode introduced Ahsoka in live-action and advanced Mando’s mission to reunite Grogu with a Jedi. It is possible that Episode 5 of Season 3 might achieve something similar, offering viewers insight into the remainder of the season.