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Mandalorian Season 3 Might Reverse Bo-Katan’s Rebels Storyline

By Ishita Chatterjee
October 16,2021

Season 2 of The Mandalorian brought Bo-Katan Kryze into live-action for the first time. Along with her, the show also introduced the infamous Darksaber into the storyline.

This meant that the show also reintroduced the powerful Darksaber into the post-Empire era of the Star Wars timeline. Now, both of them played a notable role in the season 2 finale, and they are all poised to play an even bigger role in season 3 of the show.

Story Of Bo-Katan Kryze Till Now

Bo-Katan Darksaber

Bo-Katan Darksaber

Bo-Katan was first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a member of the terrorist group called Death Watch. Over time, during the events of Star Wars: Rebels, she became the leader of the oppressed Mandalorian people.

In a major scene from the animated series, Bo is given the legendary Darksaber, and she accepts it since that can unite her people. At the end of the episode, it seems like everything will be going well for Mandalore, its people, and its leader.

But season 2 of The Mandalorian surprisingly reveals that Bo had lost the Darksaber sometime after the events of Star Wars Rebels. We find the season-ending with Din Djarin getting the Darksaber, and so unintentionally, he now has a claim to the throne of Mandalore.

However, he doesn’t seem that interested in ruling a planet and seems like he would much rather just hand the saber back to Bo-Katan. But that isn’t something that he can do since the Darksaber can only be won through fair combat.

This drama is sure to spill over into Season 3. But many fans are predicting that Bo-Katan’s moment of accepting the Darksaber during Rebels will surely be reversed, and instead, it will be Din Djarin who will be leading Mandalore.

Why Bo-Katan Might Not Be Mandalore’s Leader Anymore

Mando, Darksaber and Bo-Katan

Mando, Darksaber and Bo-Katan

Many Bo-Katan fans are wondering why didn’t she accept the Darksaber in The Mandalorian, but did in Rebels. The answer is probably that her ascension to leadership was seen as a necessary move back then.

As such, Bo claimed the Darksaber because her people needed her back then and not because she rightfully got it through fair combat. Back during Rebels, she was seen as the right person to lead her people into the future.

But clearly, things have changed in The Mandalorian.

This change could lead Bo to the revelation that she might not be the leader that Mandalore needs anymore. This even though she has fought for her people and even spent decades trying to reclaim her planet.

Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren

Over time, Bo-Katan might come to the realization that Din Djarin might indeed be the right person to rule Mandalore with the Darksaber. So if this indeed does turn out to be the direction that the show is going in season 3, then Bo might do what Sabine Wren did in Rebels.

She might give over the Darksaber to the leader that her creed deserves and support him unselfishly. However, others are not so sure.

Other fans think that there will be an ancient artifact that will allow Bo-Katan to rule her faction of Mandalore, while Din looks over the other thanks to him having the Darksaber.

What will end up happening? For that, we will have to wait for season 3 of The Mandalorian.

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