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Mara Jade And 9 Other Forgotten Girlfriends Of Luke Skywalker 

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 10,2021

The sequel trilogy made us believe that after Ben Solo destroyed Luke Skywalker’s training academy, he left all contact with the outside world and became a crabby hermit on Ahch-To. But now rumours are circulating that Mara Jade might make an appearance in a Disney Star Wars project. This shows that Luke might not have been as lonely between the Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens as was originally thought. 

Fans who haven’t read every tie-in comic or novel, might think that Mara Jade was the only woman he had feelings for. But that’s not true. Legends explored multiple love interests of Luke. So we are here to tell you his top 10 love interests. 

Luke Skywalker Girlfriends

Luke Skywalker’s Top Ten Love Interests

10. Mara Jade

Mara Jade

Mara Jade

Mara Jade was first introduced in Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. She was the emperor’s right hand and did all the dirty work which even Darth Vader often didn’t know about. She is described as intelligent and resourceful along with being strikingly beautiful. Mara is famous for being so skilled in marital arts that it made her a formidable enemy and a deadly assassin. 

Her last order was to murder Luke Skywalker and she almost succeeded in it since she pursued him with dogged determination even after Palpatine died. However, she ultimately ended up teaming with Luke and over the course of multiple years, they developed a sort of romance. 

Their relationship worked and is the one that’s most famously known because they complimented each other perfectly. Her temper and fiery passion worked well with his collected and calm disposition. Fans also enjoyed their playful verbal sparring. Eventually, they got together and ended up getting married. Also, they had a son. 


9. Tanith Shire

Tanith Shire

Tanith Shire appeared on Darth Vader Strikes, a newspaper comic strip. In there she was taken as a slave by Darth Vader after crash-landing on Ophideraan. She was part of a trap planned by Darth Vader to imprison Luke Skywalker. This happened before the events of The Empire Strikes Back

But Shire didn’t support Vader in his plans. So instead of capturing Luke, she helped him escape. After escaping, Luke didn’t leave her. He repaid the debt by helping her people escape from the overlord Serpent Masters.

After this, she encouraged Luke to stay and begin a relationship with her. However, back then Luke had feelings for Leia and was also heavily devoted to helping with the Rebel Alliance. So he declined her romantic offers. 


8. Dani


Dani was charismatic, beautiful, loved adventures, and had a powerful personality. But she was also a veteran of the field and had seen too many of her friends and allies die. Dani was a Zeltron who first appeared in Star Wars #70, titled The Stenax Shuffle

Luke immediately fell for her and thankfully, Dani returned his feelings as well. In fact, she loved him so much that she hid herself on the Millenium Falcon and followed him on some missions. 

However, Dani’s fixation on Luke didn’t last long. She actually fell for Kiro, his apprentice. But one thing did come out of Luke and Dani’s brief relationship- it reaffirmed his love and passion for the strong women who aren’t afraid of making their choices. 


7. Mary


Mary appeared in Marvel comics Star Wars #89, titled I’ll See You in the Throne Room. In that story, Luke went to the Solay planet after the Yavin battle. On Solay, he helped the inhabitants get rid of the Empire. In the process, he met and fell for Mary, a young woman. 

With Mary, Luke’s preference of fiery women with a fighting spirit continued. He even thought about staying on Solay and helping the people build their government back again. 

But the Empire obviously wanted the planet back and were thirsty for revenge after getting thrown out. So they sent more officers and other reinforcements. A huge firefight ensued as the Empire tried to get Solay back. In this fight, Mary was murdered and she died while in Luke’s arms. 

Her death made him go berserk with rage and he almost tapped into his dark side. He was only able to stop himself when he calmly thought that there were better ways to honor Mary’s memory than turning to the darkside. 


6. Gaeriel Captison

Gaeriel Captison

Gaeriel Captison was first seen in The Truce at Bakura, a famous Legends novel. In that story, Luke was headed to Bakura to face Ssi-ruk, an invading alien. While there, he was attracted to a young woman who was raised in an aristocratic family. Her name was Gaeriel Captison. Thankfully, the attraction was mutual.

Gaeriel didn’t start supporting the Rebel Alliance till the Empire killed her parents. Actually, she was pretty much Imperial-leaning till her parents got murdered. But even though she liked Luke, he wasn’t the one she ended up marrying. It was the defense commander of Bakura who she chose. 

Later on, after many years, Luke and Gaeriel met again. This time she was a widow. But they didn’t get to start anything since she gave up her life to safeguard the New Republic from Imperial insurgents. 


5. Alexandra Winger

Alexandra Winger

Alexandra Winger showed up in A Glimmer Of Hope, which was a short story. In the story, she was raised by the Imperials, but she began having dreams of a blue-eyed man as she began to understand her Force-sensitivity. That blue-eyed man was Luke. 

He found her and began training her. In turn, she helped the Katarn Commandos and Luke destroy an Imperial base. Apart from becoming a Jedi, Alexandra loved piloting. So she had a lot in common with Luke which made it seem like they were the perfect match. 

But this relationship didn’t last long because Alexandra became paranoid and manic about the well known seductive powers of the dark side. So she withdrew from Luke’s affections as well as his tutelage. 


4. Akanah Pell

Akanah Pell

Luke was able to find out who his father was. But his mother’s identity was a different case. It seemed like any information about her was scrubbed fully from most of the databases, courtesy of the Empire. So it seemed to Luke that she possibly never existed. 

But there was once a woman who said that she had information on his mother. This woman was Akanah Pell and she appeared in Before The Storm, a Legends novel. Luke and Akanah traveled the galaxy together and gradually their relationship went from just allies to a little more. 

He even comforted her as she healed from her father’s issues. However, any romance possibilities got stifled the moment Luke came to know that she didn’t have any information on his mother. 


3. Jem Ysanna

Jem Ysanna

Jem Ysanna showed up in the Dark Empire comics which were famous for showing a newly resurrected Palpatine in a new and young clone’s body. Avid readers of these tie-in comics will remember that in these stories Luke also briefly gave in to the darkness after the events of Return of the Jedi. 

Coming back to Jem Ysanna, she was a force-sensitive woman who was trying to ressurect the Jedi order with Ralf, her brother. The two of them shared a Force connection which was similar to Luke and Leia’s. 

So Luke decided to teach her so that she could channel her powers better. During her training, the duo fell for each other and were planning a future together as well. But all those dreams were shattered when assassin droids who were sent to kill Luke, murdered Jem instead. 


2. Shira Brie/Lumiya

Shira Brie/Lumiya

Shira Brie appeared in Coffin in the Clouds. She was a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. Luke met her and gradually the duo started to have feelings for one another. But Luke didn’t understand or know that Shira Brie was actually an Imperial agent. In an event, he shot her down, albeit fully accidentally, but this ended up saving his life.

This is because he was able to dodge a powerful blaster bolt that was aimed to kill him. But his blow didn’t kill Shira. Darth Vader brought her body back and implanted the kind of cybernetics which were used in his very own life system. 

Years later, she showed up as Lumiya, a powerful and formidable Sith warrior. She played a major role in turning Luke’s nephew Jacen Solo to the darkness. To prevent this, Luke had to kill her. 


1. Callista Ming

Callista Ming

Luke Skywalker’s romance with a previous Jedi called Callista Ming is odd but substantial. It was odd because Callista Ming had formed a bond with the Eye of Palpatine’s computer using her consciousness. So Luke was only able to talk to her by using the Force. 

But as one might imagine, their love just couldn’t be consummate properly till Cray Mingla gave up her body to Callista so that she could enter it. The entire situation made Callista reluctant to use the Force again in a new physical body. 

To make things more complicated, she felt like she couldn’t be with Luke and love him till she did so. So she left him to discover herself and know what she wanted. Before leaving she promised that she will return.

But she wasn’t able to return since she was murdered by Abelothin in the Maw. Years later, Luke confronted the entity and it changed its shape to that of Callista to destroy him. But he wasn’t fooled. However, it did surprise him to realize how strong his feelings were for her even after decades had passed. 

This is the list of top 10 Luke romances. But what do you think? Do you have some others in mind? Let us know below. 

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