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Marc Spector’s DID Will Bring 5 Personalities Into The Series

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 7,2022

Marc Spector’s MCU debut is currently being featured in Marvel Studios’ Disney+ project, Moon Knight. The show is expected to explore at least some of his five distinct personalities. Oscar Isaac portrays Moon Knight, while Ethan Hawke portrays Dr Arthur Harrow, the show’s main villain. As part of the Disney+ release, fans can learn more about Moon Knight’s backstory. This includes his Egyptian mythology and his connection to Marc Spector’s DID.

Marc Spector’s DID

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The character of Moon Knight is frequently compared to that of Batman. This is a comparison that diminishes him to the status of a mere clone. Moon Knight’s character is distinct from DC’s most famous superhero in many ways. On top of that, the lunar cycle of the moon influences Moon Knight’s superhuman abilities. This is why he primarily operates at night. The Egyptian moon god Khonshu bestowed a sliver of his power on Marc Spector. This was so that he could serve as Moon Knight’s priest. Moon Knight’s psychological condition is what truly distinguishes him from any other comic book hero.

Marc Spector is just one of Moon Knight’s five alter egos. Each of which plays a specific role in his vigilantism as the vigilante known as Moon Knight. The most recent Moon Knight comic confirmed and elaborated on the five distinct personas that the character has taken on. Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Mr. Knight, and Moon Knight are all possible names for the character in the original source material.

Whence Comes Moon Knight’s Various Personas

Dissociative identity disorder in Marc Spector is widely believed to be the cause of Moon Knight’s multiple personalities; however, a recent comic issue revealed that this may not be the case at all. In Moon Knight Vol. 7 issue #2, Marc Spector learns from his psychologist that the Egyptian god Khonshu has taken up residence in his mind and given him multiple personalities.

On the other hand, the Pathfinder of Overnight Travelers is one of Khonshu’s four facets, the others being Embracer, Defender, and the Defender of Embracer. Because of the psychological damage caused by his mystical connection to the moon god, these four aspects manifested as distinct personalities in Spector’s mind. Spector’s dissociative episodes as a child were exacerbated by Khonshu’s constant presence in his mind, which exacerbated his condition.

Marc Spector

Marc Spector

Marc Spector

Marc Spector is the original incarnation of the character. Spector grew up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago under the tutelage of a rabbi before enlisting in the Marines. He was dishonourably discharged from the military after they learned of his history of mental instability and briefly worked for the CIA. Marc became a mercenary after leaving the CIA and participating in illegal fights for money. Spector carried out assassinations and rescue missions across the African continent, utilizing the skills he acquired during his three years of military service.

Raul Bushman ambushed Spector while he was working as a hired gun in the Egyptian desert, and he was left for dead. When Marc Spector, who had been badly injured by this point, finally made it to the tomb of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon deity, he appeared to have died in front of a statue of the deity.

Steven Grant

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Gabor Kotschy. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Steven Grant

Steven Grant was Marc’s first fully realized identity, first appearing to Marc as a friend when he was a child. Millionaire Steven Grant provides funding for Moon Knight’s crime-fighting exploits. This is the reason for his plethora of high-tech weapons and gear. Grant amassed this fortune by gambling with Marc’s retirement funds. In recent years, Grant used his wealth to start a movie studio in order to expand his fortune. Steven Grant, Spector’s other alter ego besides Jake Lockley, is a well-known public figure with a wide range of wealthy connections.

Jake Lockley



The second persona to appear in Marc’s mind is that of a New York City cab driver named Jake Lockley. Keeping his ears to the ground, Lockley communicates with criminals and informants on the street. He serves as Moon Knight’s personal investigator because the information he gathers is so crucial to the vigilante’s mission. Lockley managed to build a network of informants, including characters like Bertrand Crawley, Gena Landers, and her two sons, Ricky and Ray, all of whom became close friends of Spector.

Mr. Knight

Moon Knight Issue #3


It is Mr. Knight, Spector’s latest guise. When Marc’s psychiatrist and civilians seek help, Mr. Knight is the persona they are most likely to encounter. Because of his distinctive sense of style, Mr. Knight quickly became a fan favorite. Mr. Knight’s uniform consists of a crisp, white bespoke suit, complete with a white shirt, white tie, and white shoes. All of these he custom-orders. Additionally, he wears white gloves and a crescent moon-shaped mask on his forehead.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight Disney+_ Photo Reveals MCU's New Superhero Detective

Moon Knight

For the record, Moon Knight is his own person, not an alter ego of Marc Spector’s. As a priest of Khonshu, Moon Knight is obligated to carry out his orders for the rest of his life. The white suit and cowl that are worn by Moon Knight are instantly recognizable by his foes. This helps him stay one step ahead of them. Marc Spector’s sliver of Khonshu’s power is the source of Moon Knight’s abilities and powers. The powers of the hero include superhuman stamina and speed, as well as the ability to harness the power of the moon to gain an advantage over his foes at night, especially during full moons.

In terms of Marvel characters that have yet to be adapted for the MCU, Moon Knight is one of the most popular. The brutality of Moon Knight and the fact that he has multiple personalities set him apart from other comic book characters. Because of Moon Knight’s darker themes and lack of a Disney image, there were many questions about how faithful an MCU adaptation of the character could be. I doubt fans of Moon Knight will be happy if Marvel Studios does not fully explore Marc’s multiple personalities in the movie, but we will have to wait and see if they do.

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