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Mark Hamill Reveals Extreme Secrecy About Luke Skywalker Cameo

It’s undeniable that The Mandalorian is a mega-hit for Disney+. In fact, many even say that it’s the first-star war media since Disney took over Lucasfilm that wasn’t divisive in some way or the other. Seasons 1 and 2 both were hits that built on top of each other while referring to the grander galaxy they were part of.

The season 2 finale especially was amazingly built up with the show set for a grand showdown. Also, it will be dismissive to not mention the live-action appearances of Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano and Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan Kryze. However, there was something even better than all of this combined.

And this was Mark Hamill’s originally unplanned appearance as Luke Skywalker in the show in the season 2 finale. Now, there were a lot of questions about Luke’s appearance and how it was made possible. But the biggest question was- how was the show able to pull it off without leaking anything at all?

Mark Hamill Talks About Being Sworn To Secrecy Over The Cameo

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon posted on YouTube, Mark Hamill discussed his unexpected but much welcome return as Luke Skywalker in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian. But more than that, he answered questions about the topic we all want to know about- the secrecy surrounding the appearance of his character.

Mark Hamill

Hamill began by saying that he had thought that he was done with the role and never expected to do it ever again. He explained that he thought:

“If they ever told stories of Luke in that period—post originals and pre-sequels—they’d get another actor.”

So when The Mandalorian creators’ Dave Filoni and Job Favreau approached him then he was absolutely “stunned.” Hamill then went on to say that he couldn’t share any kind of details because he was “sworn to secrecy.” This is what he said:

“One of the main things with Mandalorian is you are sworn to secrecy. I can’t even talk about it with my family, even now. “

Mark Hamill Talks About The Disney+ Gallery Episode

Luke Skywalker’s cameo will be explored in Disney+ Gallery episode

However, he did say that fans can now look forward to a “special coming on Disney+ on August 25” that will shed light on the details of that episode’s production. Here’s his full quote:

“But one thing that I have to tell you even though I can’t talk about it: there’s a special coming on Disney+ on August 25, which is a ‘Making Of’ the season finale of Season 2 which is the episode I was in, so that will answer a lot of your questions.”

Lucasfilm confirmed that there will be a special Disney+ Gallery episode titled “The Mandalorian,” and it will focus on dissecting the making of the sensational season 2 finale. So, The Mandalorian fans will have something to look forward to because season 3 won’t be here anytime soon.

Will We See Luke Skywalker Again In Future Shows Or Movies?

Luke Skywalker In Return of the Jedi

Note that this cameo was likely a one-and-done thing for Luke Skywalker. But one cannot rule out the possibility that Filoni and Favreau might be willing to use the Skywalker Saga characters like Luke in future seasons of the show or even in other spin-off shows of The Mandalorian.

After all, Boba Fett’s comeback in the show as well as the upcoming spin-off show The Book of Boba Fett does show that Star Wars isn’t done with characters from the original trilogy. However, Hamill is right about one thing. They will need to recast if these characters are used again during the post-Return of the Jedi period.

After all, the technology used was definitely good. But it wasn’t something that will be sustainable in the long term for a tv show, no matter how high the budget will be. So maybe, fans will finally get that Sebastian Stan recast as Luke Skywalker they have been wanting for so long. Also, who knows maybe they will get it in the Disney+ series titled Ahsoka as well.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

After all, Ahsoka mentioning Grand Admiral Thrawn in the fifth episode of season 2 does point to a potential retelling of the Timothy Zahn series titled “Heir to the Empire” series. Know that, that’s where Thrawn was introduced, and it’s said that he was able to single-handedly resurrect the Empire again.

Now, that book is obviously not canon anymore, but Thrawn was introduced in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series, and it looks like he will be making his live-action appearance real soon. Also, we should mention that Leia, Han, and obviously Luke were also heavily featured in the Heir to the Empire series.

So if that story does get adapted, then those characters can get recasted as well. However, the audience has had a lukewarm reaction to recastings, as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. So Lucasfilm may choose to swap out Han, Luke, and Leia and replace them with Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano, and Sabrine Wren. This will help them avoid recasting scandals.

Right now, only time will tell if Luke Skywalker will further show up in Star Wars again and who will be playing him then. But for now, fans can enjoy the season 2 finale behind the scenes special Disney+ Gallery episode releasing on August 25.

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