Mark Hamill Reveals How Marvel Movies Influenced His Decision To Return in The Mandalorian

Several viewers believed Mark Hamill when he declared that The Rise of Skywalker would indeed be his final appearance as Luke Skywalker, and the actor

By Yogesh Kumar
August 26,2021

Several viewers believed Mark Hamill when he declared that The Rise of Skywalker would indeed be his final appearance as Luke Skywalker, and the actor did as well. And besides, the Star Wars hero had not been shy about expressing his displeasure with the way The Last Jedi managed his light as possible return to a galaxy far, far away, and now that the nine-film epic had concluded after 42 years, it was time for a new generation to take up the torch.

Eventually, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni showed in there with a wacky and outrageous notion, which they tried to make hidden until the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, which went on to smash the internet. When an enigmatic hooded figure appeared just in time to chop and cut their way through Moff Gideon’s goons, the crowd went insane, and when it turns out to be Luke, they immediately flipped their heart raced.

Mark Hamill With Grogu Avengers

The 69-year-old said in a subsequent interview that his reappearance was apparently inspired mostly by Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has now become enthusiastic about something like the de-aging technique over through the decades, have used it on Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Douglas, and others.

Recent Interview of Mark Hamill


Once every Star Wars lover got this glance of Hamill, he spontaneously revealed his wonder about this technique and how it motivated him to reappear in the show. This is what he exactly said

“When they went from the original trilogy to the sequels, obviously there was this huge gap in time, where there are all these untold stories. But I just assumed they’d get an age-appropriate actor, you know? And I didn’t think about it all that much. I just thought, ‘If they wanna tell stories of Luke post- Return of the Jedi, I wonder who they’ll get?'”

The surprise was natural on his face throughout the period and this is fine for an old actor to find such a thing after such a long gap. He didn’t agree right away to the proposal when he was told about the de-aging process. It took creators some time to perfectly explain and getting back to him on screen.

Mark Hamill In Mandalorian

According to Hamill,

“When they said they were gonna use the de-aging process they used in the Marvel movies, I was just gobsmacked!”

Still, he didn’t agree to it right away.

Later on in the documentary, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed – who directed The Mandalorian ‘s Season 2 finale – explained that he sees Hamill as being “very protective of this character, and rightfully so.”

In fact, to Hamill, this opportunity to play Luke again was, to him, “almost a responsibility:”

“But the more I thought about it, ‘This is a really an opportunity that was completely unexpected, but something that almost was a responsibility.’ In other words, if they’re saying they want me to do this, how can I say no?”

Peyton Reed brought the script for the finale to Mark Hamill’s home along with Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian’s executive producer, who also directed Marvel’s Iron Man and plays MCU character, Happy Hogan.

They also brought Luke’s wardrobe and Grogu/Baby Yoda for good measure.

Pic of Grogu and Mark Hamill from the Disney+ trailer
Pic of Grogu and Mark Hamill from the Disney+ trailer

According to Favreau, he knew this would mean “so much to so many people” and “to Mark” as well:

“We knew if we could pull this off, it would represent so much to so many people. Especially to Mark. To let him come in there and show Luke at this moment, and let it be a celebration…”

Fortunately, everything played out exactly as if it had been scripted. Hamill loved the script and has been open in his praise for the series and its creators.

And, as for audiences, seeing Luke Skywalker in his prime wasn’t just a gift for the fans, but one of the best moments in the franchise’s history.

Marvel Studios vs. LucasFilms

The biggest problem with many big franchises today is that they are under Disney and other production house deals. Many assumed this might be the same in the case of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm but eventually everything turned out to be perfect and the whole finale was shot smoothly.

We can hardly wish that Lucasfilm and Disney would not get rolled immediately and continue bringing back a slew of experienced Star Wars characters, so although Rogue One‘s Moff Tarkin and the young Princess Leia from the Sequel Trilogy took mixed reviews, Luke’s unexpected return exactly match The Mandalorian’s mandate as an extraterrestrial adventure drenched in plot development.

This technique of Marvel has represented a lot of characters again and this could be the reason, we will love even Samul L. Jackson to come back again in his Mace Windu role. And the worth mentioning fact here is his role in Captain Marvel that used the same de-aging technique. Technology has taken us so far.