Mark Ruffalo New Photo Clearly Hints His Appearance In Moon Knight

Hulk may feature with Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight Disney+ series, according to a new picture of Mark Ruffalo. It’s been nearly a year

By Yogesh Kumar
August 31,2021
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Hulk may feature with Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight Disney+ series, according to a new picture of Mark Ruffalo. It’s been nearly a year since Ruffalo first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Bruce Banner.

He’s featured in five films so far, including the post-credits sequence in Iron Man 3. However, after transforming into Smart Hulk and injuring his hand in Avengers: Endgame, it was unknown exactly what Hulk’s destiny in Phase 4 and even beyond might entail.

Ruffalo had already stated that he could reprise his role as Hulk in She-Hulk. Tatiana Maslany plays Bruce’s cousin Jennifer Walters, a barrister, and a superhero with her position, in the forthcoming Disney+ series.

Bruce banner in Moon Knight

Ruffalo has indeed finished filming his sequences for She-Hulk, making fans speculate what the future holds for the Jade Giant. Just at present, Marvel Studios is working on several films and Disney+ series, as well as the MCU’s interconnectedness, ensures that audiences rarely know where someone might appear next.

Hulk may reappear in Phase 4 alongside Moon Knight, according to reports. Dora Magyari posted a selfie of herself and Mark Ruffalo outside of a restaurant in Budapest, which has been a key filming site for the Disney+ series. Magyari took a photo with Isaac soon after the Ruffalo encounter, that may have been a mistake.

While Isaac is reported to be shooting Moon Knight in Budapest, Hulk does not have any known projects presently in production. The Hulk cameo in Moon Knight is a distinct possibility considering that he is in Budapest and staying at the very same hotel as Isaac.


Bruce Banner as Hulk
Bruce Banner as Hulk

Assuming Ruffalo should show up in Moon Knight, he’ll be joining a great ensemble that includes Isaac. Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy are reportedly cast in the Disney+ program, although respective positions have yet to be finalized. According to reports, Midnight Man will make his appearance as the series’s antagonist.

So yet, no known MCU heroes have been guaranteed to participate, although Hulk appears to be one of them. There were also speculations that Emily VanCamp, who played Sharon Carter aka Power Broker may come back. Likewise, Werewolf by Night was earlier connected to a role in Moon Knight, well before rumors of a possible Halloween Special starring him broke.

Hulk’s appearance in Moon Knight is indeed a fascinating idea to explore. There in comics, Hulk and Moon Knight don’t communicate much, then how they’re pushed together during MCU may be a great shock. It also offers She-Hulk the opportunity to build up Moon Knight, since Ruffalo’s presence with She-Hulk would most likely hint when he meets Isaac’s, Marc Spector. As production on Moon Knight proceeds, set photographs with a preview of Hulk’s participation in the series may appear.