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Mark Ruffalo’s Rumored Cameo Gets Reaction From Ethan Hawke

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 27,2022

Could Mark Ruffalo’s rumored cameo be true? The next MCU film on Disney+ will be Moon Knight, starring Chris Evans. As a result, speculation about the upcoming Marvel series has been rampant in recent weeks. Among all of them, one speculates on the appearance of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in the cast.

A photo of Mark Ruffalo and Oscar Isaac in Budapest, Hungary, during the production of The Green Goliath sparked speculation about the character’s possible inclusion. Ruffalo previously addressed the photo in question, saying that he has “learned the hard way” the hard way about spoilers. Marvel fans were still speculating about his role in the show, as a recent rumor suggested that The Hulk would appear in it.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Isaac admitted that he “could see” Moon Knight and Hulk teaming up in the future. Just like before, the Avengers-related rumors have been addressed by another Moon Knight star.

Ethan Hawke Responds on Mark Ruffalo’s Rumored Cameo



Arthur Harrow from Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke, appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss rumors of other MCU characters appearing in the Disney+ series.

When asked about Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk appearing on the show, Hawke first mentioned it. The veteran actor admitted that seeing Ruffalo on the show would be “cool,” but claimed that Ruffalo “would have at least texted [him]” if he was involved in the project:

“That would be cool, right? That would be cool. Except I know Mark Ruffalo, and I think if we were in the same show, he would have at least texted me or something. So I don’t think that one’s got a lot of legs. [Audience groans ] I know, I know. Maybe in another one!”

Blade’s possible inclusion in the series was then discussed by Fallon. Mahershala Ali’s Marvel character might make an appearance on the show. However, Hawke says he has no idea if that will happen: “I wish it would happen,” he says:

Hawke: “Oh. They think I’m being secretive…that whole Spider-Man stuff.”

Fallon: “That’s right. Exactly. Yeah. All right, there’s a fan theory that Blade will appear in “Moon Knight.”

Hawke: “Oh, stop.”

Fallon: “Now you’re playing — Now you’re just playing with me. Would you have got a text from Blade?”

Hawke: “Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know. I wish Blade was there. That would have been cool.”

Fallon: “Okay. You’re good.”

Will The Hulk Appear on Moon Knight?



While recognizing his non-disclosure agreement with Marvel, Ethan Hawke’s latest response is seen by many as the star trying to protect a Marvel secret.

Although it is reasonable to assume that the two actors would not have had any scenes together, this does not mean that he is unaware of Mark Ruffalo’s involvement. It’s also possible that Hawke is being coy to avoid spoilers because he knows something about Hulk’s role in the series.

For now, it’s unclear how Hulk would fit into the show’s narrative, given that it’s taking place in London. It’s possible that the same technology that Shang-Chi used to show up in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings could be used for Bruce Banner to appear.

Marc Spector, one half of Science Bros., may be summoned to join the Avengers for a different reason than expected. Spector has a dissociative identity disorder, so he should seek professional help, and the best person to contact is Banner because of Banner’s double identity as the Hulk.

As a result, the MCU’s interconnectedness would be established in the series, while Hulk’s transition would be smooth and seamless.

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