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Marvel Artist Reveals That Fans Missed This Secret Detail In Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Costume

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 12,2022

The MCU is bringing back Jane Foster, and she is probably going to be the new Mighty Thor. The arc will be adapted or inspired from the comics.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, when Jane became the Mighty Thor, her costume featured a unique element. Even though she might have been a Valkyrie in the newer Marvel Comics, Marvel’s War of the Realms comic event saw Jane Foster briefly take on the mantle of Thor once more.

So, Marvel artist Esad Ribić spoke about her particular costume design in The Art of War of the Realms. There he talked about her dual capes and what purpose they served.

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Costume Has Dual Capes

Jane Foster's Mighty Thor costume has two capes

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor costume has two capes

In the 2014 Original Sin Marvel event, Nick Fury made Thor Odinson unworthy and so Mjolnir found a new hero to wield it. It eventually called out Jane and gave her the powers of Thor. This also included a new costume since she became the Mighty Thor.

She also wore a helmet to mask her identity. Her identity was kept a secret for a large part of her tenure as the new God of Thunder. But the helmet wasn’t the only new thing added to the costume.

In Marvel’s The Art of War of the Realms book, artist Esad Ribic said that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor has the traditional red cape associated with Thor attached to her shoulders. But she also has a smaller second cape attached around her waist.

This was done to better convey the effects of stormy weather that the God of Thunder might be causing, as well as to emphasize simple flying due to the power of Mjolnir. This is Ribić’s explanation in the book:

“There are elements of Thor that you have to have… I added another cape around her waist, so she has two capes. You cannot believe how helpful it is for the Thor character to have a cape because that gives you physics – it helps you to express the movement or the wind.”

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Look Will Keep Popping Up In The Marvel Universe

Jane Foster's new look in Thor: Love and Thunder

Jane Foster’s new look in Thor: Love and Thunder

It has been quite a while since Jane Foster was the Mighty Thor. But as we said, she did become a god once more in the War of the Realms event when she briefly helped the Odinsons as a member of a group full of “Thors” who came together to save all the Ten Realms.

Similarly, she also returned to the Mighty Thor costume she wore when she was tempted to get her powers back during Marvel’s more recent King in Black event. So, the Mighty Thor costume keeps popping up every now, and then in the Marvel universe.

And it will likely do so even more now since Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is making her MCU debut in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie directed by Taika Waititi.

Marvel's The Art Of The War of the Realms

Marvel’s The Art Of The War of the Realms

Now, it’s not necessary for the live-action version of Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor to have a second cape that will help convey movement. But it can’t be denied that having a cape around the waist will help convey movement better, and it will help distinguish her from the classic Thor look.

But if the concept art leaks are to be believed, then Jane won’t have the waist cape for now. Rather, there is an extension. However, fans shouldn’t lose hope since nothing has been officially confirmed.

So here’s to hoping that Jane Foster’s red waist cape in her Mighty Thor costume sticks around in the Marvel Universe and finds a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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