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Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Calls Out The Academy Awards For Genre Bias

By Soniya Hinduja
December 11,2021

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios CCO, is undoubtedly a renowned name in Hollywood. And his rise to fame and admiration is only recent, with the past decade being monumental for the studios. But it is not surprising. When someone is in charge of building money-making giants that create history in the movie industry, this kind of success is a given. And a major part of the credit goes to the staggering profits generated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, Feige is placed first in a line of significant names who have commercialized adaptations of comic book movies. 

The MCU showrunner was involved in making Marvel movies throughout the tenure of his years. But with 2008’s Iron Man, Feige rose in his ranks. The Marvel Studios figurehead has received worldwide acclaim across various platforms for his extensive work. However, Feige is left behind in the race for the Academy Awards. 

The comic book movie adaptations have had a dull run at the Oscars. Although, Marvel has not had an entirely losing streak. The studios have received some recognition at the Academy Awards with projects like Black Panther. The film was nominated under the category of “Best Picture.” And it won awards for its background score and costume design. However, when leading the luster in major categories, the studio still needs to bag a couple of wins.  

As per the words of Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, the production will continue in its stride towards success. While also preparing to earn Academy honors for its comic book adaptations shortly?

Do the Oscars have beef with Marvel? 

Recently, Marvel Studios Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige sat for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. It was there that Feige addressed the Academy Awards and the alleged “genre bias” towards comic book movies.

Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige

Feige expanded his views on the topic by saying that the MCU will “always be at a deficit because of the Marvel logo.” And that he wishes for “hard work… [would] get recognized:”

“I think we are always at a deficit because of the Marvel logo and because of a genre bias that certainly exists. I just loved that for a shining moment there with Black Panther that was put aside and the work was recognized for the achievement that it was… There are a lot of comic fans that didn’t know who Shang-Chi was. And yet the work that Destin did and Dave did and Sue did and Joel did, created something new that connected with audiences,” says Feige. “We recognized it, the audience recognized it and I sure would love the hard work of all of these people who are telling their story to get recognized.”

Kevin Feige gives in all his efforts into Marvel projects.

As history presents it, if Kevin Feige has something to say, people are more than willing to listen and support. The Marvel Studios president is well aware of the fire he’s started by speaking about the Academy with such transparency. An institution as renowned as the Academy has always put forward its praise for various genres. Previously as well, superhero genres have won acclaim at the award shows. Namely, The Dark Knight. However, as it appears, the entire process seems to be an exception rather than the rule.  

The possibility of a Marvel film winning the title for “Best Picture” seems a little unpromising. Although, if the production continues to give in the efforts and create dynamically huge projects. Especially the likes of films made in the last couple of years. Then we cannot entirely dismiss the idea. There is hope for Marvel eventually. 

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Does Marvel Studios even have a chance at the Oscars?

And yet, who can tell for sure. The year was quite fulfilling for Marvel Studios and Feige in terms of profitability. The franchise introduced Eternals and brought Chloe Zhao’s Oscar-winning director to Marvel. Thus, trying hard to shoot a shot. But the film did not fare as well and is not winning any awards action, which is the exact opposite of what the studios wished for when they allowed Zhao to make her MCU debut. 


Marvel Logo

In another instance, the actor Robert Downey Jr. the MCU legacy actor, however, admired by fans and critics alike, never won the well-deserved acclaim for his acting in the franchise. In fact, fans even went out and beyond to campaign for the star following the release of Avengers: Endgame.

This is where the whole scenario gets a little tricky. If we were to take the critics’ word and ask them what are the potentially great award-worthy Marvel movies. The team would probably name out movies like Avengers: Endgame, Infinity War, Black Panther, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. And if these films win the poll and still do not carry an award home, what exactly has the chances of? Could Marvel ever go ahead and make bigger movies to surpass the ranks of these classic breakthroughs?

Although, the thrilling part of the debate is this. That Marvel Studios has never failed to deliver a spectacle. Every time a Marvel Studios logo shows up on the big screen; fans know for certain that the latest MCU installment will blow their minds away.  

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