Marvel Reveals The Fastest Superhero In The Multiverse And It Is Shocking

Marvel’s Ghost Rider has an infamous reputation for being a fast character. This is mainly because of his hellcharger. The hellcharger is a powerful vehicle that takes on the supernatural powers bestowed on it by the Spirit of Vengeance. Marvel Comics’ latest issue is Avengers #50, by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garron, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit. In the comic, an encounter with a Deathlok revealed the hellcharger. When the vehicle is pushed to its fullest potential, it is faster than anything in the known Multiverse.

This upgrade proves to be a massive power-up for Ghost Rider. It was essentially adding to his already enhanced abilities. Interestingly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently introduced its iteration of Flash known as the Blur. Say, for instance, Ghost Rider’s car is faster than a character with a speed as quick as Barry Allen. Then it is clear that the Spirit of Vengeance is the most immediate being in any universe.

Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes in the Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Ghost Rider is known for riding at speed. Since the beginning, the host of the Spirit of Vengeance has mounted something. This addiction only added to the vehicle’s overall performance. Mainly the intense flames for extra effect. Although, if Deathlok’s views are considered accurate, then all Ghost Riders can turn their vehicles into the speediest things in the entire Multiverse. 

The hellcharger’s full potential, Marvel Comics

Ghost Rider’s adventurous history has even placed him above Thor in the past. This is despite Lord of Thunder’s impressively fast speed. This gives the character ample potential to diversify his strengths. The Ghost Rider can swiftly reach any place where using his abilities becomes necessary. After all, he always has his car at his expense.  

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Ghost Rider’s speed compared to Marvel’s speedsters.

As for Marvel’s strongest speedsters, the idea of the hellcharger being faster does make sense. It is practically possible for a car to outrun a human being. Marvel’s speedsters indeed dismissed this belief when they made an appearance into the universe. However, if an excellent fuel power, a car can regain its natural state. Thus becoming powerful enough to speed against people like the Blur or Quicksilver. While Ghost Rider’s person does not possess this power, he can use the hellcharger as an upgrade available to him without any restrictions to its capabilities. 

Ghost Rider

Just like the impressive abilities of Flash, the hellcharger is capable of making its way into multiple universes. This is why if Ghost Rider uses the hellcharger as a power-up, there is no stopping him in speed. And clearly, no location in the universe is inaccessible to him. However, a very important question that arises here is that of morality. Will Robbie ever use this power for the right thing? For someone working the way he does, the ability to reach places in time with his car is a convenient travel option. But the improvement comes with a price. For instance, it is hard to pass through narrow spaces if he is driving a car. Although, reaching someplace whenever needed still tops any minor snags that come in the way.