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Marvel Executive Says That Studio Is Planning For More Animated Shows 

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 12,2021

Marvel’s Phase 4 has been successful and surprising till now. After all, shows like WandaVision and Loki went in insane directions. So fans truly don’t know what to expect from the studio. But, this helps keep fan expectations and hype high even after 20+ Marvel movies.  

In fact, one of the most unexpected decisions came when the upcoming Disney+ show What If…? was announced. This show is all set to explore the multiverse by changing the key moments of various MCU movies. Then, it will examine the consequences of those actions. Basically, the show is asking- what would happen if we changed just one detail? 

But this isn’t the big twist. The big twist is that it’s animated as well as falls within the MCU canon. For the MCU, this will be the first time that they introduce an animated show as part of their cinematic medium. But it will not be the only animated project of the MCU. After all, I am Groot is coming as well. 

marvel animation shehulk and whatif

So it does feel like the MCU is interested in exploring the animation medium more. In fact, we now know that they definitely are interested in it. 

Marvel Executive Confirms More Animated Marvel Projects

Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt, an executive at Marvel Studios, made a post on her LinkedIn profile that confirmed that the upcoming Marvel Disney+ Animated What If…? will be “the first of many amazing animation series!” 

The post read as: 

“Get Ready for the first of many amazing animation series! Thrilled to be working with these talented crew!”

She Hulk

She Hulk

It was reported that “What If…?” will use voice actors for Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, and The Collector instead of getting the MCU actors to lend their voices for the role. 

Animated Marvel Projects Make Sense 

Iron Man Animated What if

It’s a little surprising to hear that there are more animated projects in the MCU pipeline. But it does make sense because it’s an easy way to accomplish insane things or concepts that might be difficult or extremely expensive to get done in live-action. 

For example, in What If…? there’s an episode with Black Widow where she survives the true Age of Ultron, and one where T’Challa becomes Star Lord and not the Black Panther. Now, making these ideas in live-action would be difficult. Also, they would be a little weird and wouldn’t make much sense. So animation is the perfect way to explain that. 

As for the unannounced projects, they can be anything. After all, a while back there were rumours of a Power Pack animated show. Now, that hasn’t been officially confirmed, but it could be a project that’s still in development. We think that going forward Marvel will use the animated medium to explore more concepts and characters that are difficult and expensive to get done in live action. So right now it’s exciting to guess which projects might come next.