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Marvel Executives Tease Eternals To Play Major Role In The Future MCU

By Abraham George
February 18,2022

After Marvel’s Infinity Saga concluded, the face of the MCU has changed with characters like Peter Parker, Loki, Falcon, and Bucky and Wanda. Now it is with Doctor Strange, who must tackle the multiverse and set free the problems that were introduced in Spiderman: No Way Home.

Even though that seems to be true, one of Marvel’s new movies, Eternals, didn’t seem to be part of the bigger MCU or the current phase’s main story at all. Now, the people involved in the creatives at Marvel Studios have told that the Eternals will be making big waves in the future.

Now, from the start, Eternals was a unique and ambitious movie that no one else had ever seen before. In addition to introducing a group of new characters, Eternals covered a lot of time and had a lot of big, cosmic Celestials in it. Neither Nick Fury nor any other MCU character cameos played a role in this.

Some people thought it was a great movie when it came out on November 5, last year, but others thought it was too big of a change and didn’t fit in with the rest of the MCU. The Eternals had the second-worst domestic performance in MCU history when it came out in theatres. Concerning the pandemic, the studios really didn’t mind much about these origin projects.

Executives Speak Up On The Eternals

(From left) Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso

Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso

Still, the MCU isn’t done with Eternals yet, so it’s not over yet. Marvel Studios: Assembled The Making of Eternals episode, which aired last week, was all about the making of the movie. The movie’s director, Chloe Zhao, has said that the movie will have a big impact on the future of the MCU

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming special:

Kevin Feige, Nate Moore, and the film’s director Chloe Zhao talked about how this big movie will affect the future of the MCU in the most recent episode of Marvel Studios: Assembled on Disney+.

Nate Moore said that

“By the end of this film, how we look at the MCU and the Earth itself will change.”

Another thing that may happen is that people on Earth in the MCU, like Marvel heroes, may now know about Arishem after he came out of the sky and took Sersi and the other Eternals away from Earth. Plus, there’s a new landmark on Earth: a marbled Celestial Tiamut that looks like it’s coming out of the Indian Ocean.

Chloe Zhao Geeks Over The MCU

Chloe Zhao

Chloe Zhao at the Oscars

Another time, Zhao talked about how the seemingly stand-alone movie had an impact on the MCU.

People are excited about the future of the MCU because this movie will have such an impact on it. As a fan, it makes me want to geek out so much.

Zhao also talked about how Marvel Studios let her pay tribute and respect to the past of the MCU with Eternals while also extending the MCU into the future.

I think that Kevin, Nate, and the rest of the team help me when I fall. At that time, they let me go. I learned a lot from them. Because of this, I’m so grateful that they gave me the chance to not only pay respect to the past of the MCU, but also to keep the MCU going into the future. For me, that’s a great honour.

The Eternals Will Impact In A Celestial Way

The Eternals Already Defeated A Celestial In The MCU - Theory Explained

The Eternals Already Defeated A Celestial In The MCU

The executives are really invested in what they’re trying to produce systematically. For us to believe what they say could be huge in theorizing what may be coming. Even though Marvel fans now have a sense of history that they didn’t have before, it sounds like there are bigger things in store for the movie and its cast.

Doctor Strange is trying to fix the multiverse, the Multiverse of Madness, which means a lot of people are now invested in the Multiverse. The Eternals and Celestials will have to deal with what happens in other universes and time in the future. So there’s also a question about Thanos and the snap.

Thanos’s Snap On The Eternals

Eternals_ How Powerful Starfox Is Compared To His Brother, Thanos

How Powerful Starfox Is Compared To His Brother, Thanos

Many of the MCU stories that have been shown to fans in Phase 4 are similar to Smart Hulk’s snap. As a matter of fact, it looks like the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame have been the inspiration for many of Marvel’s Phase 4 stories.

If you saw Eternals, you already know that Eros is Thanos’ brother. It looks like there are still more things to learn about him and other Eternals.

When Thanos snapped, many people thought that Tiamut was going to come out of hiding on Earth. That is, until the Avengers came in and changed things back to normal. Perhaps a part of “redefining the Cinematic Universe” will be a shift in mindset?

While only time will tell, it’s possible that fans will see more of the Eternals sooner rather than later than they would later. Gemma Chan, who played Sersi in the MCU, has hinted that she’s coming back to the MCU. A rumor says that Gilgamesh‘s Don Lee is also going to work on a new Marvel project, even though his character died in Eternals.

Watch the Eternals and Marvel Studios: Assembled – The Making of Eternals on Disney+ now.

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