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Marvel Halloween Special Casts Coco Star As Werewolf By Night

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 5,2021

This Halloween special from Marvel Studios is getting more and more attention as Coco and Old Star appear. Reports claim that Gael García Bernal has been cast as Werewolf by Night. Jack Russell was the first incarnation of the lycanthrope hero who can transform without a full moon and preserve his intellect while transmogrified by Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog.

When Taboo, Benjamin Jackendoff, and Scott Eaton created Jake Gomez as a Hopi Native American lycanthropist to fight a pharmaceutical company, the character was reborn as a new incarnation of the essence.

Werewolf by Night a Disney+ show?

When Robert Nelson Jacobs wrote the script for Chocolat in 2005, production was scheduled to begin that year. However, the project would fall apart. The character has appeared in numerous animated shows, such As the Super Hero Squad Show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk, and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Still, a solo effort had appeared to have been forgotten about. Werewolf by Night might even get a second chance to shine on Disney+ if Marvel Studios decides to add more shows to their library.

Werewolf By Night

The Wrap has reported that Marvel Studios’ anonymous Halloween unique has officially cast Gael García Bernal, and it will be a werewolf-focused Disney+ show. However, sources have said that the special will be premised on Werewolf by Night, but which iteration is yet to be determined. Production is expected to begin in the first half of 2022.

Werewolf By Night In Phase Four?

Many speculated that Marvel’s Halloween special might be a Werewolf by Night story because the casting quest was for a Latino male. Though Bernal is a bit older than the age range for the casting search, his role in the series suggests that he could play an incarnation of the Superhero- Jake Gomez.

Werewolf By Night

It’s worth noting that while Marvel hasn’t yet commented on the special or the newest casting, the studio has been building towards bringing this character into MCU, specifically in Phase Four.

As Kevin Smith revealed earlier this year, Marvel’s film division had plans for Werewolf by Night so that he couldn’t use the character in his now-canceled Howard the Duck series. Moon Knight fan art has suggested that Ethan Hawke will portray the surface in an antagonistic role.

Werewolf by Night’s inclusion in the MCU would make sense given that Marvel is presently developing a Blade film starring Mahershala Ali and Moon Knight, which premieres next year, is currently in development as well. It will be interesting to see if Bernal’s speculated Werewolf by Night shows up in a prior project now that he is in the lead of the special.

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