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Marvel Has Reportedly Filed Trademarks For Upcoming Projects

By Romesh Khatri
July 23,2022

ComicCon is just around the corner, and every Marvel fan is eagerly waiting for some big reveal to happen. But turns out, we don’t have to wait for ComicCon for some exciting news because Marvel has reportedly filed trademarks for the following- 

Avengers: Secret Wars

Avengers: Kang Dynasty

Captain America: New World Order

Multiverse Saga


The news was first shared on Reddit that the following were officially filed for the trademark on Friday, July 2022 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Marvel is also rumored to announce a Dr. Doom project in SDCC and since they have already filed a trademark for a Kang project, it raises the question among fans who will be the next big threat in the MCU? Who will be the next Thanos?

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom’s rise in the MCU will be associated with a high takeover of power for many phases.

Could it be possible that Doom starts as a not-so-honest ally of the avengers against Kang only to later betray the heroes and side with Kang? Then both of them team up as the big bad leading to the set up of secret wars?

Or maybe Kang is the Loki-type villain of these phases, he keeps showing up and causing chaos but in the end, he isn’t the ultimate villain. So, it’s possible that Dr. Doom could indeed be the Thanos of these phases. 

It is still very soon to say anything with certainty but whatever it is, it all looks exciting and we can’t wait for this to unravel. 

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