Marvel Is Setting Up An Event That Will Be Bigger Than Avengers Endgame
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Marvel Is Setting Up An Event That Will Be Bigger Than Avengers Endgame

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 20,2021

The Disney+ Marvel series Loki is amazing and gave us some really intriguing details about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what it is really about. In fact, if we carefully consider what has been shown till now then it’s almost certain that the MCU bosses are setting up something bigger than even Avengers: Endgame. 

But before we dive into that, let us do a short recap and arrive at the current events going on in the MCU. 

A Short History Of The Past And Present Of The MCU

We know that MCU was building up its Infinity Saga since 2008 and it finally concluded with Spider-Man: Far From Home after the collective events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. There the Avengers together defeated Thanos and his army. 

But that wasn’t an end. 

Sown within those movies were the seeds of the next Phase 4 and that’s getting explored in both movies and tv series. This new phase was properly started by WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After the events of these two shows, people are now focusing on Loki. 

In his series, the God of Mischief is brought in front of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that’s responsible for overseeing the timeline. They use Loki’s skills to send him on a major mission as he tries to avoid getting deleted. 

Now, viewers are made aware of the fact that this isn’t the original Loki, but the version we saw in 2012. Viewers will remember that he fled with the Tesseract as the Avengers were trying to pull off the time heist during Avengers: Endgame. 

So in the series, Loki will be dealing with time travel, the multiverse created due to this, and more. In the show, we were introduced to TVA’s mascot Miss Minutes who explained to Loki and all of us about the creation of the multiverse and the TVA. She also explained the madness that the multiverse can cause. We should mention that this was a great way of hinting about Doctor Strange’s next movie titled- in the Multiverse of Madness.


So right now, the threads are there to set up a bigger adventure and threat than Avengers: Endgame. Right now it’s clear now that the new phase will heavily involve the multiverse so let us clear some concepts about it. 

Loki- The Time Watchers Explain The Multiverse And Madness

Viewers got to know about the multiverse properly in Avengers: Endgame as a result of the time heist. But it was never really explained how the multiverse worked in detail back then. So fans assumed that timeline branches got created due to the time heist. 

Also, along with this viewers knew that there were various dimensions and realms present in the MCU. For example, there was the Mirror Dimension, Quantum Realm, etc. In Loki, Miss Minutes explained about the multiverse and the consequences as a result of messing with “the sacred timeline.” 

She explained that years ago there was a huge multiversal war where each of the timelines fought for the supreme title. This led to the appearance of the Time Keepers and they reorganized all of them to form the one sacred timeline. 

So now when someone does anything that strays outside of the timeline plans, like showing up late to the office or escaping with a powerful object like The Tesseract, a new timeline branch gets created. This leads to the creation of a “Nexus event.” 

If this isn’t controlled, then it can lead to multiple more branches and that, in turn, will lead to madness and another devastating multiversal war will follow. So to keep this in check, the TVA was made. Now when someone branches out (known as variants), they are brought in and the timelines get reset. 

This entire explanation also indicated that the time heist carried out by the Avengers in Endgame didn’t mess with the timeline since it was something that was going to happen. However, what wasn’t planned was Loki’s escape. 

So right now, it means that the upcoming multiverse of madness can be a result of the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home or Loki even. Thus, to reiterate, it all sets up something that’s bigger than even Avengers: Endgame.

How Can A Nexus Event And The Multiverse Be Created? 

Viewers who watched Wandavision will know that “Nexus Event” was teased there through a fake commercial. So we can be pretty sure that a new multiverse is coming. Also, all of us can be sure that it’s coming since the title of the next Doctor Strange movie is “the multiverse of madness.” 

It’s possible that in Wandavision, the grief which led to Westview getting trapped triggered a nexus and as a result, the multiverse began. However, there’s a mystery- why wasn’t Wanda brought to the TVA? Our guess is that it’s related to Chaos Magic. 

After all, since it’s connected to an extra-dimensional being with immense power so it could be concealing her actions as well as the Nexus from the Time Keepers and the TVA. But it’s also possible that it’s just Loki who is responsible for this new multiverse. 

So maybe this is why the TVA brought him in to get rid of another Loki variant that’s going by creating chaos at various points. Now, we know that the TVA is careful when it comes to handling the given timeline as well as the variants. However, this Loki is from 2012 and so he can’t really be trusted. 

If one of the missions goes wrong then a nexus can be created and that’s not something that even the TVA can control. We mentioned in the above section that Spider-Man: No Way Home could be responsible for the Nexus or multiverse as well. 

After all, it’s planned to bring villains from the Marc Webb and Sam Raimi Spidey movies like Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. So it is making fans wonder if this will lead to the start of the multiverse (hopefully with the other Peter Parker’s also showing up).  

However, what happens there remains to be seen. What we do know for now is that a nexus event is surely going to take place and the TVA might not be able to know how, why, and when it’s going to happen. 

Could A New Multiverse Begin A Multiversal War? 

A new multiverse means that there will be madness and a brand new multiversal war. So there will be villains as well as other strong people who would want to gain an upper hand and supremacy over the other timelines. It’s also possible that characters will be jumping timelines and as a result, the chaos would be bigger. 

This will end up tangling the timelines further and that will lead to a huge battle that’s bigger than anything that has happened between the Avengers and Thanos. Now there’s no team like the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy in Phase 4 yet, but there’s a lot of potential teams that can be created. 

For example, the Eternals could be the biggest team in this new MCU era if they survive their solo movie intact. Not to mention that the Dark Avengers or the female Avengers could make a new team as well. So these new teams can stop the upcoming multiversal war that Loki, WandaVision, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be building up. 

So as we have been saying, this means that the entire event would be bigger than Endgame as it will involve many timelines looking for supremacy. Also, it will be intriguing to see the Time Watchers dealing with all this. Not to mention that the TVA’s future would be at high risk too. All in all, there’s a lot that’s unpredictable but highly interesting right now. 



The entire explanation from Miss Minutes about time travel and the multiverse seems to be setting up events that could be bigger than Endgame. It’s possible right now that it’s Loki who sets it all up. But it’s also quite possible that he is simply continuing what Wanda unleashed during WandaVision unintentionally. Right now we are excited about this event and can’t wait to see it unfold further in Loki and Doctor Strange 2. 


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