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Marvel Just Made Yet Another Iron Man MCU Decision Look Illogical

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 28,2021

Clint Barton’s Ronin suit was stolen from the Avengers facility. This is yet another Iron Man decision that makes Marvel look stupid. After a fun-filled vacation in New York with his children, Clint Barton/Hawkeye’s fun-filled vacation abruptly ends in Hawkeye. After wearing Hawkeye’s old Ronin suit while fighting criminals at a black market auction, Kate Bishop ends up on the wrong side of Hawkeye/old Ronin’s adversaries in the new series. Before returning to his family for the holidays, Hawkeye is on a mission to clear up the situation and make sure Bishop is safe.

Happy Hogan As The Main Man

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Happy Hogan has had a long journey. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark’s security detail/chauffeur eventually got greater reverence for his role in Iron Man. Happy Hogan, a friend of Iron Man, becomes the head of security for Stark Industries in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he is given even more responsibility in the sequel. He is in charge of asset management and oversees the transfer of Stark property from Avengers Tower to the group’s new location. Due to a sabotage attempt by Vulture, Spider-Man can save the day.


A new twist from Hawkeye makes Iron Man look ridiculous. Several rare and expensive items are put up for auction in the first episode of the series. These include Ronin’s retractable sword and outfit. There was a “wreckage of the Avengers Compound” where they were found, says the auctioneer. Though Kate Bishop wears the Ronin costume to hide her identity, the items at the auction reveal Iron Man’s severe flaws in judgment when it comes to appointing Happy as the man to protect the Avengers’ assets, particularly during their most vulnerable times.

Happy Hogan Should Be Given A Break


Every time Happy Hogan takes on a new role, he fails miserably. His disregard for warnings in Homecoming, for example, left Peter Parker to clean up his mess. With the appearance of Ronin’s outfit and sword in an auction for wealthy people, it’s clear that Happy has no control over what happens to his possessions. So, it’s only natural that Happy would rise through the ranks at Stark Industries after so many years of service. Though his lack of expertise in managing Stark’s assets is evident, he is fortunate that no more powerful items were stolen from the organization, including the retractable sword of Ronin.

Although Happy appears to be in over his head, there are several mitigating factors. Thanos attacked the Avengers Compound in Avengers: Endgame, leaving behind a trail of destruction and rubble. Happy should be given a break because the compound was a disaster area. People of all walks of life could take advantage of the chaos and walk away with specific items. At the Avengers Compound, an outfit and a sword are among the least potent weapons. Accordingly, Happy’s asset management blunder could have been much worse. Fans can only hope that decisions in the future don’t make Marvel look stupid as they have thus far.

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