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Marvel Leaks: Kevin Feige Discusses Issue With Movies Getting Spoiled

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 2,2022

Being a fan of the MCU has made spoilers and leaks a reality. Leaks seem to be a common occurrence for Marvel Studios projects. And they’re sure ready to ruin any surprises that might be in store. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the most recent example of this trend. As one of the most anticipated Marvel films to date, the upcoming Doctor Strange 2 is definitely going to deliver plenty of surprises.

These widespread leaks, however, must be extremely disappointing for the Marvel team behind these fan-favourite movies. In spite of the best efforts of studio president Kevin Feige and his team to keep their talent and crews safe, these hidden details somehow manage to leak out.

In other words, how does Marvel Studios deal with leaks and spoilers of this nature? Kevin Feige revealed it all in a recent press conference for Multiverse of Madness.

The Spoiler Strategy of Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige


Kevin Feige discussed his strategy for dealing with leaks and spoilers during a press conference for Doctor Strange 2.

After being asked about the difficulties Marvel Studios has in keeping plot twists and surprises under wraps before their films are released, Feige said “the unfortunate truth is you don’t,” so he and the team make sure everything “works regardless of what has been spoiled or not.”

“The unfortunate truth is you don’t [ keep it all under wraps], and therefore you need to make sure that the experience itself works regardless of what has been spoiled or not. We still do as good of a job as we can. I think a lot of people are getting good at not spreading it. Somebody steals something, don’t spread it around because it just potentially lessens the experience.”

Feige brought up Spider-Man: No Way Home, which came out last fall, saying that despite all the leaks, “it did not lessen the experience:”

“But in a lot of ways, No Way Home showed us that it did not lessen the experience. So we will continue to do the best that we can, but the most important thing is still delivering the movie or show that delivers regardless of what you know going in.”

The Journey Is What Counts, Not The Final Destination



A common mantra among fans of leaks in recent years is “it’s not about the destination, but about the journey”. This means spoilers aren’t necessarily spoiling anything; it’s about how the movie or Television series gets there and the context. Feige and the Marvel Studios team appear to think along similar lines.

The No Way Home example was a great one to use. That movie had a lot of spoilers to deal with before it was released. Despite the fact that Tobey and Andrew were already introduced in the movie, seeing them walk through those portals for the first time was still a powerful moment.

Feige will do everything he can to keep these kinds of surprises under wraps. However, in a world that is becoming ever more connected, leaks are inevitable. There are simply too many components at play for this not to happen. As a Hollywood executive, it makes sense for him to do what he can while also not obsessing over it. People will love these MCU projects regardless of whether or not they have been spoiled.

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