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Marvel Needs To Explore Backstory Of Thanos Along With His Brother Starfox In MCU

By Prathamesh Athavale
January 25,2022

The debut of Harry Styles as Starfox in Eternals pleases fans across the world but raises new mysteries about Thanos’ backstory. Albeit, it’s certain Starfox is Purple Titan’s brother, as the comics promise. The audience might see additional dimensions to the relationship between the two brothers in upcoming movies. Eternals has included popular MCU concepts like Snap and six singularities while allowing viewers to traverse still-unknown corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eternals does not shed much light on Thanos’ or Eros’ backstory, although it invests greatly in other lores. This makes one question whether Thanos’ story is in line with what the comics have told, or not. Thanx to the comics, fans know that Eternals and Thanos are related. The franchise doesn’t explain to what degree Thanos knew about the Celestials’ plans, as he is also an Eternal. The debut of Starfox shows the MCU is ready to explore the yet-in-the-dark parts of Thanos’ life.

Harry Styles as Starfox In the MCU

Harry Styles as an Eternal in The MCU

Thanos is an Eternal, but he has a deviant mutation, which is the reason he does not look identical to humans. Thanos is one of the most loved MCU villains, but fans know little about his backstory. In fact, most of what is known about him comes from his monologue in Avengers: Infinity War.

Eternals missed out on the chance to explore more of Thanos, while his brother Eros appears in the post-credit scene. Although Eros’ appearance did not come as a total surprise, as the MCU shed light on Celestials and their creations, the Eternals and Deviants, for the first time.



Fans can expect the MCU to explore the unexplained mysteries in Eternals through a sequel. As Eternals has already laid down the groundwork for the main plot and characters, Thanos’ backstory and his relationship with Eros can become the focus of a possible ‘Eternals 2’. Giving credit where due; In creating new plot threads, Eternals contributed in making the MCU feel greater than ever imagined.

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