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Marvel Special On Disney+ About MCU Phase 4 Future Will Release In November

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 23,2021

With only 3 months left till 2021 comes to an end, Disney+ is committed to making Marvel fans happy with its upcoming Marvel special. The audiences will have a peek at what comes in a special release in November from Marvel’s Phase 4 releases on Disney+. Disney is taking all stops for Disney+ Day to commemorate Disney+’s second anniversary. the event day is scheduled for 12 November. In the two years after Disney+’s first appearance, it has had many shows and one of the biggest is recent installations in the MCU.

What can Marvel fans expect on Disney+ day?

The original Marvel Studios series did not debut on the service until 2020. Regardless, other installations in the MCU have been added to the streaming platform. Phase 4 officially began with the release of WandaVision in January with Disney+. This was followed by The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If…?, which is presently being aired. Two weeks following Disney+ Day, Hawkeye will make its debut. The show will then continue throughout the Christmas season to end the broadcast year 2021.

Moon knight And She-Hulk

Disney stated that on 12 November 2021 there will be a special event honoring the future of the MCU. As exciting as it might be, no word has been issued to disclose shows in the early preview. The press release emphasizes the future of the MCU on Disney+. Thus, it is not expected that the first look would include films that first appear in cinemas and then move to the Disney Platform. Movies like Eternals and Doctor Strange in Madness’ multiverse are not likely to be included in the sneak peek showcase.

Throwing Hints through Concept Art

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Hawkeye is sure to be broadcast because it is so near to Disney+ Day, but the special will probably be the first look at several of Disney+’s forthcoming shows. Fans can get glimpses of Ms. Marvel. The series is scheduled to come next after Hawkeye. This would naturally generate a substantial spotlight. Due to the fact that She-Hulk and Moon Knight are presently in production, the special may provide the first official glimpse at the title characters. What if…? has already been renewed for a second season. Given the lengthy animation process, production may already be started. This being said, a sneak peek at potential episodes might be revealed.

Marvel Studios also frequently includes concept art in these specials to illustrate what fans may expect from the upcoming segments when the video material is not yet available.

Elizabeth Olsen Doctor Strange

When Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe aired on ABC in 2014, they revealed concept art for a few superheroes. These include Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Hulkbuster armor. To everyone’s surprise, this reveal was done a full year before Avengers: Age of Ultron was released. The special may also feature concept art for upcoming series such as Armor War. Secret Invasion and Ironheart.  An announcement of previously unverified ventures such as the speculated Halloween special called Werewolf By Night may also be made. Nonetheless, the Marvel special will certainly reveal that the MCU’s future on Disney+ seems to be bright.

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