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Marvel Studios At D23 2022: All Announcements And Reveals

By Mohit Srivastava
September 12,2022

After making a Bang at San Diego’s International Comic Con (SDCC), 2022, Marvel Studios returns to Annaheim,CA for D23 2022. Fans speculated and theorized everything that they picked from the bread crumbs that Marvel had been leaving so far. Even our website speculated about projects that the studio shall likely announce (Check out the article here). However, when Kevin Feige took the stage and revealed the “items” in his bag, fans got mixed feelings. Let’s look into all that happened.

1. Roger: The Musical

Rogers – The Musical in Hawkeye

The panel kicked off with a live performance of Rogers: The Musical exclusively in front of the audiences present. The performance was done by a few artists, some of the same that appeared performing the musical in Disney+’s Hawkeye.

2. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Then Ryan Coogler took the stage along with Kevin Feige and all of its cast members. Another trailer/footage of the upcoming movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was exclusively shown to D23 audiences. Director Ryan Coogler confirmed that he’s still in the editing process for the film. Another detail of the plot was shared – the film will focus on how the rest of the world is trying to get Wakanda’s resources (Vibranium) while the nation is at its weakest.

3. IronHeart

Ironheart new logo

Next, Ryan Coogler is joined by Anthony Ramos who plays ‘The Hood’ in Marvel’s upcoming show – Ironheart. The show shall be executively produced by Ryan Coogler. The series received a new logo and it was revealed that the show shall focus on the battle between Technology and Magic.

4. Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man And The Wasp – Quantumania logo

It was confirmed to be directed by Peyton Reed and will feature a ‘Heist in Quantum Realm’ and will feature ‘tiny heroes making Huge impacts on MCU’. The team would search for ‘something (or, someone)’ that was stolen from Kang in the Quantum Realm. The upcoming Ant-Man sequel was confirmed to be directly linked to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. It will also feature the return of Randall Park’s Agent Jimmy Woo, most recently seen in WandaVision. Exclusive footage was also shared of the movie with the audience present.

5. Werewolf By Night

Werewolf By Night official poster

After not even a whisper of the upcoming Marvel’s Special – Werewolf By Night at SDCC 2022, Kevin dropped the first trailer for the special. The series seems to be taking a very ‘noir-retro-horror’ approach for it. The Special is set to stream on Disney+ on October 7. It shall also feature Man-Thing, and stars Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly. (Check out the trailer here).

6. Secret Invasion

Nick fury in Secret Invasion

The first trailer with a new logo for the highly-anticipated Secret Invasion Disney+ series was shown to attendees and uploaded online. The trailer showed several returning MCU characters (Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Talos), in addition to a brief peek at Emilia Clark’s character. From the trailer, it seems that Marvel is taking the route of Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the series. (Check out the trailer here).

7. Armor Wars

Armor Wars new logo

Finally, Marvel acknowledged the existence of Armor Wars in its cannon of MCU. Don Cheadle (Col. J. Rhodes aka War Machine) shares the stage with Kevin Feige and revealed a new logo for the series. No director, plot details, trailer, footage, or any other cast member were revealed. However, it was announced that the show shall comprise of a total of 6 episodes and will be a direct follow-up to the Secret Invasion series.

8. Loki (Season Two)

Loki and Sylvie in Loki

Then Loki(Season 2) was reconfirmed by Kevin Feige. It was also revealed that Ke Huy Quan (from Everything, Everywhere, All At Once), shall be appearing in the second season of Loki — specifically in the role of a TVA employee.

9. Echo

Alaqua Cox as Echo in Hawkeye

Echo – a spinoff of a character that appeared in Hawkeye, was confirmed to have finished filming. Exclusive footage of the series was also shown.

10. Fantastic Four

John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic in Doc Strange 2

To fans’ utter disappointment, Kevin Feige said that they would not be able to announce the cast of the movie just yet. However, he revealed that the upcoming movie based on Marvel’s first family shall be helmed by Matt Shakman as the director.

11. Daredevil: Born Again

Marvel announcing Daredevil series on stage at D23

Sensing the audience’s disappointment, Vincent D’Onofrio remained on stage and jokingly asked the audience if they will not be staying for ‘his’ other show. Then Charlie Cox (Matt Murdoch/Daredevil) joined him on stage and reconfirmed the upcoming 18-episode series – Daredevil: Born Again, with a new logo. It was confirmed that the filming of the show shall commence in 2023.

12. Captain America: New World Order

Marvel panel announcing Captain America 4 at D23

The D23 stage was then occupied by Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson aka Captain America) along with Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley (from TFATWS) and Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres (probably the new Falcon). The fourth Captain America movie, directed by Julius Onah, takes place in a post-Avengers world. Shira Hass was revealed to be playing an Israeli superheroine – Sabra, in the movie. However, to everybody’s surprise, Tim Blake Nelson has joined the cast as Dr. Samuel Sterns, reprising his role as The Leader from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The series also got a new logo.

13. Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts lineup revealed at D23

Then, Marvel announced the official team members of the Thunderbolts – the upcoming movie as the last entry of Phase 5 of the MCU. The team shall comprise:

  • David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian (Black Widow), ​​
  • Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost (Ant-Man & The Wasp),
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (TFATWS),
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (TFATWS),
  • Wyatt Russell as John Walker/U.S.Agent (TFATWS), and
  • Florence Pugh reprising her role as Yelena Belova (Black Widow).

However, it was not confirmed whether or not Baron Zemo, Abomination, or even Red Hulk, shall be a part of the team. It all remains to be seen.

14. The Marvels

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel

Finally, as their last offering, exclusive footage of Marvel’s upcoming movie The Marvels was shown to the audience. On the stage were three Marvels – Iman Vellani (Ms. Marvel), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), and Teyonah Parris (Photon). The footage seemingly showed all three characters dealing with the consequences of ‘sudden-body swaps’ that happened between the three of them. The Marvels pick up right after the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel. The movie shall also see the return of Goose, the cat.

As said earlier, the D23 Marvel panel was indeed a mixed bag. As no such information was revealed that the audience didn’t already know. No Nova, Wonder Man, Fantastic Four cast, or the ‘projects in the blanks’ of Phase Six’s slate were revealed. Maybe Marvel is taking a breath until the entire Phase 4 wraps, and we can give them a benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, the future of MCU will be just a teensy bit brighter.

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