Marvel Studios Celebrates WandaVision Winning Its First Emmys

Thanks to WandaVision, Marvel Studios celebrates its Emmy awards for the show. The MCU’s earlier attempts to move into television with shows like Agents of

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 13,2021

Thanks to WandaVision, Marvel Studios celebrates its Emmy awards for the show. The MCU’s earlier attempts to move into television with shows like Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil didn’t fair well. Nonetheless, the collapse of Marvel Television basically wiped the slate clean for the MCU.

As a result, Marvel Studios began developing series specifically for Disney+ shows. This was done so that they would have a stronger link to the movies than previous ventures had done. A risk in many ways, WandaVision was the first to launch back in January. The show premiered with its unique aesthetic and desire to bring the grandeur of the MCU to television.

It’s good that WandaVision worked out. Elizabeth Olsen played Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany played Vision in the series. The series saw the two living in domestic bliss as though they were in a comedy. As WandaVision unfolded, the reality underlying their new circumstances became clearer and clearer.

Marvel Studios Celebrates Emmy Win And More

Wanda Vision Emmy

The series won its first Emmys at the Creative Arts presentation on Saturday: for fantasy/science fiction costumes and narrative production design. Later, during the second ceremony, “WandaVision” scored in the original music and lyrics category for “Agatha All Along.” There were 23 Emmy nominations for WandaVision this year. The most of any limited series and the second-highest of any series in general. The show also attracted notice in the following categories:

  • Limited series/TV movie casting
  • Period and/or character (non-prosthetic) makeup
  • Period and/or character hairstyling
  • Main title design
  • Main title theme music
  • Music supervision
  • Limited series/TV movie/special music composition
  • Limited series/TV movie/special sound editing
  • Original music and lyrics
  • Limited series/TV movie single-camera picture editing
  • Limited series/TV movie/special sound mixing and,
  • Series or movie special visual effect

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In addition to the limited/anthology series category, the show is also nominated for limited series/TV movie actress. This award is being nominated to Elizabeth Olsen in lead and Kathryn Hahn in supporting. Meanwhile, Paul Bettany has been nominated for limited series/TV movie actor for a lead role. WandaVision master director has been nominated for limited series/TV movie directing. Additionally, the show has also received 3 nominations for limited series/TV movie writing. The results of the above categories will be revealed at the Primetime ceremony.

The Potential New Awards for WandaVision

Wanda Vision

To be fair, WandaVision was Marvel Studios’ inaugural series, airing in January of this year. So, it’s only natural that it would be the company’s first major award win. Marvel Television, on the other hand, won an Emmy in 2016 for Jessica Jones, which won the main title theme music award.

WandaVision still has lots of chances to win additional Emmys in the future. It appears that Bettany and Hahn will win their respective categories, but Olen shouldn’t be written off in a crowded field for leading actresses. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if WandaVision can hold its own against shows like The Queen’s Gambit and Mare of Easttown.

With Black Panther, the MCU finally broke through at the Oscars in 2019. However, it was uncertain if the MCU would be able to replicate its Oscar success on television. If WandaVision wins any of the above-the-line categories, then Marvel’s success will be truly tested, but it’s safe to say that the series has already garnered acclaim for the brand.

WandaVision is hardly the only Marvel triumph this year. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney Plus’ second series, received five nominations this year: guest drama actor, comedy or drama (one-hour) sound editing, season or movie special visual effects, stunt coordination, and stunt performance, among others.

Considering it took Marvel a decade and 18 properties to break into the Oscars, Marvel’s strong showing at the Emmys is all the more impressive.