Marvel Studios’ Kingpin Has Risen To Power Because Of Thanos’ Snap

Evidence suggests that Vincent d’Onofrio will return to Hawkeye as Marvel Studios’ Kingpin. Furthermore, Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War probably paved the way for

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 9,2021
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Evidence suggests that Vincent d’Onofrio will return to Hawkeye as Marvel Studios’ Kingpin. Furthermore, Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War probably paved the way for this character’s emergence in the MCU. Various sources claim that Hawkeye will introduce Vincent d’Onofrio as the MCU’s new Kingpin. This new character version will be the same as seen in Daredevil. In addition, this version is likely to be more comic book accurate and PG-13.

The New Kingpin

Those rumors are becoming more and more likely to be true. The first episode of Hawkeye included a black market auction for the Ronin outfit, which Kate Bishop stumbled upon. In the comics, this portrayal of the Kingpin suggests that Hawkeye inflicted significant damage to his criminal empire while he was known as Ronin. This, of course, is a very realistic depiction of the character in the comics.

Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wislon Fisk aka Kingpin

To make matters worse, Hawkeye’s third episode introduced the past of a figure named Echo. Echo has long been affiliated with the Kingpin for those who do not know. The episode also hinted at Echo’s mystery uncle, setting up the Kingpin as the perfect villain.

But if this is a new Kingpin, how does he fit into the MCU’s overall story? They claimed to be tied to the MCU. Nonetheless, many old Marvel Netflix TV programs fans were left disappointed. The Thanos snap in Infinity War may explain Kingpin’s ascent to power. This only assumes that Marvel Studios’ Kingpin fits perfectly into the MCU timeline.

In The Wake of Thanos’s Snap, Kingpin Could Have Profited From The Chaos

Half of all living things were wiped out when Thanos snapped his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War. The Snap survivors were forced to pick up the pieces of their ruined lives. However, few grieved as much as Hawkeye, who lost his family to Thanos. Suffering, Hawkeye became Ronin and hunted down those he considered were unworthy of survival should the snap occur. The Kingpin, who was already a crime lord when Ronin started his rampage, would have been profoundly affected by the snap.

Perhaps fearing the plot would be too depressing, Marvel has thus far avoided discussing the ramifications of Thanos’ snap. Governments fell apart, food supplies were interrupted, and global trade was broken as a result of the catastrophic events depicted in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. As nation-states fell apart, the people who remained fled for their lives in search of safety. Even though some saw Thanos’ world’s good, most people would have only seen sorrow and misery.

Kingpin would have thrived in such an environment, it’s easy to see. Because of Wilson Fisk’s well-known charisma and ability to mobilize his remaining agents quickly, he would have been able to remove any remaining rivals and secure his empire. Kingpin would have taken advantage of mass migration and the demise of national borders as the new status quo took hold. In addition, Kingpin’s staff would have been happy to give illegal substances to those who needed them, no doubt at a price.

More Chances Would Have Been Provided By The Hulk’s Snap

Five years later, in Avengers: Endgame, the Hulk undid Thanos’s decision to use his power to destroy the universe. Wilson Fisk, on the other hand, would have had even more chances had that happened. Politicians and international leaders strove to restore the old status quo in The Falcon & the Winter Soldier—and, as Kingpin would have stood alongside them, providing money for bribery, Kingpin would have hoped that the restored world order would do as little harm to his criminal empire as possible.

When more people were being sent back to their countries of origin in the second wave of mass migration, Kingpin could have expanded his network even further by hiring some of the people who were being sent back. If Kingpin’s network had continued to grow, he would have risen to unprecedented levels of power.

The Only Challenge, The Kingpin Faced, Was Ronin


The Kingpin’s lone challenge would have been the mysterious Ronin. Furthermore, he had been active in the Big Apple for some time. As a reason, the vicious vigilante found himself at odds with Kingpin’s criminal organization. As revealed by the black market auctioneer in Hawkeye episode 1, Ronin came dangerously close to getting the price down but eventually failed. In Avengers: Endgame, it’s unclear if Ronin left New York because it was too hot for him or if he was actually trying to undermine Kingpin’s worldwide crime network and was still working on it when Black Widow stopped him.

When the Kingpin’s agents heard that Ronin was returning to New York City, they reacted accordingly. Even if Kingpin’s henchmen had lost loved ones, it was likely that Echo was not the only one who had a personal stake in this. He would be deeply concerned as he lurks in the shadows, keeping an eye on things.

Connecting Kingpin To Infinity War


Kingpin’s knowledge of the auction would allow him to infer that the Ronin outfit had been sold. This way, he’d be able to tell if the suit had changed hands. The risk of Ronin’s return or someone else taking up the Ronin persona and goal was too high for him to take. Regardless of the outcome, Kingpin would be willing to take on an Avenger like Hawkeye to neutralize the danger to his power base.

Only a hypothetical link has been established between Kingpin and the Blip. This is based on the five-year gap between the two Infinity Stone-powered snaps. In terms of the MCU’s overarching narrative, it’s safe to say that Marvel Studios will attempt to relate their version of the Kingpin to Avengers: Infinity War. There is just one ace in the deck for Hawkeye and Kate Bishop; the fact that Clint Barton knows more than Kingpin, Echo, and Kate believe about all this.