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Marvel Studios Legends Episode Removed Because Of THIS Complaint By Fans.

After fans’ complaints, Disney+ has removed two episodes of Marvel Studios: Legends from the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 28,2022

Due to spoilers, Disney Plus has asked Marvel to pull two episodes of its streaming series. Marvel Studios: Legends was published earlier this week as a compilation clip series meant to refresh fans’ memories in anticipation of the studio’s next releases.

As a result of ruining one of Marvel Studios’ forthcoming films, Disney+ was recently ordered to remove an episode of Legends from its streaming service. This disagreement arises in light of James Gunn’s recent film, The Guardians of the Galaxy: A Star-Studded Event for the Holidays. The parent platform of the TV movie has promised to hold off on permanently removing the omitted episode of the docuseries until the movie’s debut.

James Gunn’s Christmas special wasn’t meant to continue the grim tone of Infinity War, which saw the Guardians and their commander mourn the loss of Gamora. Even just two days before the film’s debut, the current events that have transpired at Disney+ have fueled anger and controversy.

Marvel Studios Legends | Wiki of Nerds


Unfortunately, Marvel’s Legends ruined the GotG holiday special. Despite its intention to serve as a primer for the impending The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, the episode ended up being a chaotic misfire. The goal of Marvel Studios’ documentary series Legends is to break down the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe canon into manageable chunks based on individual characters and their stories.

The Fans Reaction Is Justified

The goal is to give fans a chance to catch up on the most recent developments in the MCU’s heroes’ and villains’ stories before seeing any major production so that they can enjoy the film with a clearer understanding of what’s going on. James Gunn’s Disney+ Christmas special was meant to be a nice surprise for fans, but instead, it has provoked an outcry in the Marvel fandom by spoiling the next MCU plot.

Drax and Mantis were seen talking about their leader, Star-Lord, in a deleted episode. Drax asked Mantis why she didn’t want to reveal anything that would undoubtedly be a spoiler. Read on to see what he wants to be answered:

“Why don’t you want me to tell him? He should know you are his sister.”

To this Mantis answers his question by saying the following:

“Our only connection is the source of his greatest shame. I think not.”

The revelation of their connection has the potential to strengthen the ties between the two Guardians beyond their existing level of friendship. The Holiday Special might utilize this to help Star-Lord start recovering from his wounds by showing him how much his family values him even if they had to fly across the galaxy to bring him joy.

Fans are furious at the Disney+ mistake, and one observer is wondering how such a major spoiler could have gotten past the studio’s superiors. Maybe the MCU canon is now too big for the cast and crew to follow every little detail, so these kinds of mistakes are to be expected in the future.

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