Marvel Studios Rumored To Have Surprise X-Men Projects In Plan

A big surprise for Marvel Studios fans was the news that the X-Men would be returning after Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 21st Century Fox. After that, Marvel fans would only hear a brief mention from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con that same year and how the properties would be “very different.”

A year after no word on the subject had been, Feige confirmed that the X-Men were “heavily discussed” in an interview. That quote was followed by the announcement of a project at Marvel Studios called The Mutants, which had a working title of The Mutants.
Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, and Nova are all slated for production in 2023. To go along with all of these other projects, there’s also one involving the X-Men that could get off the ground soon.

X-Men To Have An Animated Projected?

This week, comic book scooper KC Walsh appeared on the Change My Mind Podcast to talk about his recent production dates for Thunderbolts, Nova, and Fantastic Four, but he revealed “one more that I haven’t said yet” through a hint:

“I got a bunch of production dates. Thunderbolts 2023, Nova 2023, Fantastic Four 2023, the Okoye series 2023, and there’s one more that I haven’t said yet, and I’m going to write an article about it, so I’m not going to tell you here, but I’ll give you guys a little hint.”

After prefacing it with the phrase “f***ing insane,” Walsh indicated what the project would be like, by singing and humming the iconic X-Men theme song.

“It’s crazy, it sounds so f***ing insane. [Sings and hums beginning of Ron Wasserman’s X-Men: The Animated Series Theme]”

The rumor that Marvel Studios would be “retooling” a project wasn’t entirely confirmed by Walsh, as he would be “reaching out to more people” for more information.

“I’m reaching out to more people and being like, ‘Eh, is this true?’ Cause I don’t believe it myself and I don’t know if it’s something new, if they’re retooling something…”

According to Walsh, “people involved with that certain theme song” had “conversations” with Marvel Studios and that he had heard rumors about “a possible animated project going into the works” in 2023:

“There was talk about a year ago that people involved with that certain theme song may have had conversations with a certain studio. And I did hear in 2023 that there’s a possibly animated project going into the works.”

Because of this, Walsh was unsure of the nature of this project and whether or not it wasn’t just a “retooling” of the original X-Men cartoon series, which he had previously worked on.

Restart, revival, or continuation?

X-Men: The Animated Series producer and director Larry Houston has been vocally pursuing a revival of the series on Disney+, so Walsh speculated that this project he heard about could be a “retooling” of the series. Even though “it’s been crickets,” Houston says, no further talks have taken place early this year.

A new X-Men series may be in the works, but that’s just speculation at this point. This new X-latest project is exciting, especially since it appears to be different from the previous The Mutants project announced earlier this year.