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Marvel Studios Welcomes Krypton Star For A Secret Role In Blade Reboot

By Soniya Hinduja
February 23,2022

Marvel Studios made the official announcement for a Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali almost three years ago. And ever since then, fans have been trying to uncover new details for the MCU’s upcoming project. Mahershala Ali shared the stage with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sporting a Blade cap as the curtain call at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. However, the production is yet to finalize major facts regarding the story before Eric Brooks makes an appearance on screen. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe finally introduced the character during a post-credits scene in Eternals. The scene reflected a potential friendship with Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman and his knowledge of the Ebony Blade. Despite being very brief, the footage gives fans a rare glimpse of Ali’s deadly character. And it seems as if Marvel Studios is putting utmost care and precision in fleshing out his personality ahead of his big solo project.

Director Bassam Tariq will helm the Blade reboot. Apart from Ali, the film is putting together the wider cast. And it includes major stars like Delroy Lindo. To accompany Lindo and Ali, Marvel Studios has introduced another star into the fold, one that might turn out to become a significant part of the MCU’s elaborate supernatural story.

The Blade Reboot Earns New Cast Member


Marvel Studios Blade Movie, Mahershala Ali

A recent update from Deadline suggests that Aaron Pierre is set to join Mahershala Ali’s Blade for Marvel Studios. Since the film is currently under development, there are no major details regarding Pierre’s role available yet. But Deadline senior film reporter Justin Kroll reported that it will be “a major role” in the upcoming MCU solo movie.

Ever since director Bassam Tariq entered the team in 2021, this secret role has been one of the most sought-after ones in the industry. According to a certain report, both Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Tariq had their focus placed on Pierre. But the studio took its sweet time with the auditions and went through a bunch of actors. Ultimately, Pierre became one of the best selections. 

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Marvel Studios Assembled Blade Cast Together Prior To Official Filming 


Aaron Pierre in Krypton series on Syfy

So far, Marvel Studios has only confirmed a few actors for certain roles in the upcoming Blade movie. However, the studio continues to escalate the anticipation for fans as they look forward to the MCU’s first vampire-centric project.

Actor Aaron Pierre, aged 27, is currently at the prime of his acting career. For his last outing, Pierre performed exceptionally well in the David S. Goyer-developed Krypton series on the SyFy network for two seasons. The star was a key player in the stellar cast of the show. This means that Pierre has enough experience in to take on a bigger, extended superhero project. Which seems convenient as Marvel Studios taps him to join the granded cinematic universe out there. 

However, a mystery that remains unsolved is the role that Pierre will play in the upcoming Blade reboot.

As of now, we have no clues that hint at his position in the movie. Whether he will play a hero, or a villain with Mahershala Ali will be known with time. But the confidence around his presence suggests that Pierre will stick around in the MCU for the time being. Be it in the Blade franchise, or in other projects, Marvel Studios has welcomed a new actor into the cast. And Pierre is here to stay.

Blade is currently in the pre-production process for Marvel Studios. And we are about to get more news regarding the reboot as we go.

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