Marvel Theory Proves That Eternals’ Secret MCU History Created Black Knight

Marvel theory proves that an Eternals’ secret from the past may have created the Black Knight. Marvel has finally unveiled the first teaser for their

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 15,2021
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Marvel theory proves that an Eternals’ secret from the past may have created the Black Knight. Marvel has finally unveiled the first teaser for their next film. The Eternals will bring a whole new band of strong superhumans to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As emphasized in the trailer, a group of ancient aliens acted as shepherds and guardians to mankind for millennia forced out of the shadows and unknown, imminent calamity forces.

Despite this, Kit Harington’s Black Knight, who appeared just briefly in the trailer, remained a mystery. Scientist Dane Whitman discovers that he is the heir of an old inheritance in Dane Whitman’s comics. A famous sword dating back to King Arthur and Camelot had been passed down to him from his ancestors. This eminent sword was called the Ebony Blade.

Most lately, it has been revealed that this weapon is far more powerful than previously imagined. It is, in essence, the antithesis of Mjolnir since it rises in power the more unworthy its bearer is. The Black Knight dwells on all his inner darkness – fury, fear, and anger together with insecurity and wounded pride. He gains strength and becomes what the Avengers refer to as “a Weapon of Mass Destruction” (WMD).

However, why does Eternals features Dane Whitman, the man who is definite to be Black Knight? According to the trailer, the Eternals may have had a role in MCU’s Camelot narratives and may have a relation to the Black Knight.

The Eternals’ secret revealed through a Camelot Connection

Eternals And Black Knight

It was stated in the Eternals trailer that these ancient aliens had resided on Earth for about 10,000 years. Their residency influenced human culture before the creation of Babylonia. It was seen in one scene that the super-fast Makkari was in a chamber filled with keepsakes. These keepsakes were from cultures all across the world; from ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire.

“The Holy Grail” appears to be thrown out with a Big Mac – a strange juxtaposition, to say the least. Holy Grail is a mythical cup that was used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper and is often referred to as the Sangreal. In Arthurian tales, the Knights of the Round Table set off on a mission to discover it, which they eventually succeeded in doing. This Easter egg should be regarded as a clue that the Eternals were active in Camelot in the MCU, given how prominently the Holy Grail appears in Arthurian stories.

The Myths and their connections

Black Knight
Black Knight

As briefly seen in the trailer, warrior Thena is carrying a shimmering golden sword. This may also hint at an Arthurian link. The weapon is apparently generated by her manipulation of cosmic energy. If Excalibur was a unique sword, it would have shined as bright as the sun. In the MCU, such myths may simply refer to a blade produced by Thena. These indicate that she is the one who gave Arthur his famed weapon, i.e. the Lady of the Lake.

On the set of Eternals, Thena is seen scooping water from a lake while wearing a flowing white dress. Other images from the same site showed an ancient funeral pyre blazing, presumably reflecting Arthur’s death. This, and the returning of Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake after his death. Interesting to note is that Black Knight: The Curse of the Ebony Blade, reveals the Black Knight is a descendent of King Arthur. Another reveal is that Camelot was “borne on Celestial engines.” The Celestials were the creatures that created the Eternals in the comics. Marvel is now trying to build a close synergy between the movies and the comics, so that may be a key signal.

The Eternals’ secret revealed

The Eternals
The Eternals

There is a good chance that the Eternals were responsible for creating Black Knight in MCU. And so, this is the Eternals’ secret. Sir Percy of Scandia, a man recruited by the magician Merlin to defend Camelot, was the first Black Knight in comics. Ebony Blade was handed to him. It was a mystical weapon that rendered him virtually unbeatable in combat situations. While masquerading as a pretentious nobleman, this Black Knight was actually Camelot’s most important champion and defender. Tragically, it was the Black Knight’s choice to seize the Ebony Blade that led Camelot onto a road of bloodshed and conflict.

The Eternals claim to have never intervened in human affairs. Nevertheless, they were shown exposing their spaceship to a group of humans in ancient Mesopotamia. Additionally, a number of them appear to have congregated in defense of Babylon. When Sir Percy of Scandia created the Ebony Blade, Thena might have been intimately engaged in Camelot.

Kit Harrington Black Knight

No matter what threat is coming to drive the Eternals out of the shadows, the Ebony Blade might be required. Dane Whitman would embody Arthur’s prophesy when he pulls the Ebony Blade in Earth’s defense if the MCU made him an ancestor of Arthur himself, which would fit well with the old mythology that Arthur himself would return to aid England in its time of tribulation.

So, it’s logical to believe that there’s a clear connection between Eternals and Ebony Blade in MCU. If there wasn’t, the Marvel movie would definitely be introducing too many new concepts for one film. This link will hopefully be confirmed in the next teaser, which should also explain why this character is so essential to the storyline of Eternals.