Marvel Thinks DC’s Harley Quinn Is A Deadpool Rip-Off

There’s always an ongoing comparison between the DCEU and the MCU. Whether it is in terms of box office collections, characters, plots, or something more, comparisons are always being made. A

After all, both of these franchises have successfully created some of the most well-known and iconic characters.

But one needs to keep in mind that they have created hundreds of characters. As a result, there will be characters that have similar personalities, traits, and also power sets. Due to such similarities, people tend to compare those characters and try to find out which one is actually better.

Two such characters that people tend to compare often, are Deadpool and Harley Quinn. This is because many fans believe that Harleen Quinzel is DC’s answer to Marvel’s Wade Wilson. Till now, this light-hearted feud only existed among fans and wasn’t really taken seriously.

But now Marvel has sort of stepped into this game.

Marvel Thinks That Harley Quinn Is A Deadpool Copy


Marvel kind of believes that Harley Quinn is, in fact, a copy of their merc with a mouth. So they made sure that everyone on Twitter knew about that. How? Let us explain that to you.

On Twitter, a user asked others to share their unpopular opinions about certain characters. One of those characters was Harley Quinn. In response, one of the users- @Pollos_Hernandy pointed out that:

“WB (Warner Bros.) is trying too hard to make her DC’s Deadpool.”

This post was later retweeted by the official handle of Marvel India. So this pretty much means that they echo the sentiments of the user who first made that post. Now, the retweet can no longer be found, but we have attached a screenshot of it below:

Marvel India retweets tweet about Harley Quinn’s similarity to Deadpool

Are Harley Quinn And Deadpool Really Similar?

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

It’s easy to understand why fans and perhaps even the official account of Marvel India thinks that Harley Quinn is like Deadpool. After all, both the characters are presented as anti-heroes, and their crazy fourth-wall-breaking antics make them feel similar to each other.

As such, fans think that one is copying the other.

But it’s also possible that Harley and Deadpool being similar was purely coincidental. Also, it’s important to know that they each have something unique that they bring to the table. Not to mention the fact that their origin stories and character arc are completely different.

There is just no connection between them. So comparing these two characters is actually useless. The only thing to actually compare between them is just their joking style.

However, if there’s a Marvel and DC crossover, then we would love to see Harley Quinn and Deadpool interact with each other. That would just be bonkers and fun. Also we should mention that even in the MCU, Deadpool is very soon no longer going to be the only person who quips and breaks fourth walls. It’s speculated that She-Hulk will be joining Wade Wilson in his fourth-wall-breaking antics.

For now, you can catch Harley Quinn and her antics in The Suicide Squad. It is having a limited theatrical release on August 5, 2021. Also, it will be on HBO Max on the same day as well.

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