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Marvel Unveils Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Costume In The New Teaser

By Soniya Hinduja
January 16,2022

Marvel Studios has an interesting bunch of movies and TV shows planned for the year 2022. And one of the most anticipated ones is the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight. The series will introduce Oscar Issac’s hero in his first MCU appearance. Mohamed Diab is manning the director’s chair for the series, and the script is written by Umbrella Academy scribe Jeremy Slater. Marvel’s Moon Knight will tell the origin story of a former mercenary named Marc Spector. He receives his powers from a moon god named Konshu, and eventually transforms into his host. 

It is official that the show will consist of six episodes. Much like the other MCU shows falling into the Disney+ category. Fans still know little to nothing about the show’s overall plot. But there is confirmation that suggests that Moon Knight will explore Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder. This detail gives us enough ground to believe that the show will reveal Spector’s many identities. Including that of Jake Lockley and Mister Knight. 

Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in the MCU

Marvel Studios’ presentation at Disney+ Day gave us the first official footage of Moon Knight. The teaser revealed Oscar Issac’s titular hero in a thrilling albeit terrifying setup. The brief glimpse of what Moon Knight is set out to offer the audience came with Disney+ Day. But it appears as if Marvel has not begun the show’s official promotions yet. 

In addition, Marvel has also kept the show’s release dates under the covers. Marvel fans are constantly discussing the upcoming shows. Mainly because the studio is yet to reveal the official lineup of shows for the year. But for now, the speculations have been simmered. Because there is a brand new detail about Oscar Isaac’s hero that is out.

Moon Knight’s Spectacular MCU Suit Now Revealed

The network company Hulu recently revealed the brand new teaser for Moon Knight. And the footage highlights Oscar Isaac’s MCU hero in an interesting new look.

Additionally, the video also gave a glamorous sneak peek into the first official look at Isaac’s hero’s costume.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight new costume

The brief TV spot lasts merely for 15 seconds. But it is surprisingly intriguing as it shows how Marc Spector transforms into Moon Knight: 

Oscar Isaac as Marvel’s new hero

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Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Looks Stunning In The New Teaser 

It is true that Marvel has given fans a few incredible glimpses at Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. But the latest teaser tops every one of them by offering the perfect look at Moon Knight’s costume. What is best is the teaser stays true to all the past disclosures surrounding the hero’s appearance. According to the teaser, he hero’s costume closely resembles the one seen in the original Marvel comics. Which is great because the consistency makes the live-action outing of the character more precise. 

The costume highlights the character’s cape and the pointed hood. As well as the subtle yet classic addition of the Moon symbol that is always present in the hero’s thrilling endeavors in the comics. 

With that said, Moon Knight is Oscar Isaac’s first MCU appearance. Which means that it is likely that the costume will see some modifications in the future. The hero dons a beautiful starry white suit which allows Marc Spector’s enemies to spot him from a distance. Thus sounding an alarm for his arrival, and posing a threat to his foes.  

It is still uncertain whether the all white costume is the only look that Isaac’s Marvel hero will sport in the series. We know that the character has multiple identities in the comics. So there are chances that the show will disclose several other super suits as we move forward. And hence introduce the audience with more of Marc Spector’s curious fits. 

Marvel’s Moon Knight is preparing it’s Disney+ small screen release for some time in 2022.

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