Marvel’s Ego Might Come Back From The Dead In Upcoming MCU Movie

When it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe’s powerful characters, The Celestials are undoubtedly among the most impressive. Fans of Marvel were introduced to Marvel’s Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which introduced the Celestial. From the beginning of his existence, Ego possessed incredible power. These powers continued to grow in strength and stature as he aged.

Unfortunately for Ego, he met his unruly demise. This happened when his half-human son Peter Quill refused to go through with his father’s plan to recreate the cosmos in Ego’s likeness. In the beginning, it was assumed that Quill had a happy ending because of his reunion with his father. Mantis, on the other hand, quickly exposed his wicked plans. Yondu helped solidify this. Thus the character is also known for being the real hero in the installment. In the end, a bomb killed Ego after an intense combat scene.

Did Marvel’s Ego really die?

As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Celestials will be making a comeback in the movie Eternals. In light of this, we must ask: Did Star-Lord truly murder Ego using his powers? Ego may have devised a means to preserve himself if his core was destroyed as it did in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II. As an alternative, Ego might have created a backup of his core. Furthermore, he might have also deposited it on one of the planets that were seeded.

As featured in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, this was demonstrated by the floating skull of a Celestial. This was converted into the mining town Knowhere, which was a testament to their mortality. This does not change the fact that Ego’s killing by a bomb is a glaring example of the Celestials’ immense cosmic power. Ego seemed to have been so focused on his mission. This disallowed him from not devising a strategy in case he was destroyed and would have needed a last-ditch attempt to stay alive. On each planet he visited, Ego stashed pieces of himself so he could activate them when the time came for the Expansion.

How will Marvel’s Ego be brought back from the dead?


A new core may be created if Ego can transfer his thoughts into one of these seeds on any of the planets. With these seeds, you could basically rebuild yourself and have a new planetoid body, which would be really cool. However, it is possible that Ego can be brought back by Celestials. It’s possible that the other Celestials didn’t agree with Ego’s intention to recreate the world in his image. This is thought to be true based on the fact that he required one of his progeny to accomplish it. Furthermore, it would have been easier for Ego to just ask one of the other cosmic entities to aid him instead of siring offspring and looking for one that could give him his powers.

Even Ego may not have contemplated the possibility of his progeny as a viable alternative to him. People don’t know how many children Ego had. So, if that’s true, Peter might have been the next in line, with even more offspring following him. If any of them had the same gift as Peter, perhaps Ego might have transferred his mind into one of his children. If Ego is waiting for a new chance to launch Expansion, it is possible that he might be laying low in the MCU after Thanos’ snap.

What would happen next with Marvel’s Ego showed up?

An idealistic battle would ensue if Ego were to show up and decide to face the Celestials head-to-head. Here, Ego could lead an army of Celestial-powered offspring against his fellow cosmic creatures. That’s only if there were more of them to be acquired. Therefore, the Eternals must be concerned about life in order to oppose Ego’s intention to destroy it. Ego and the Celestials might fight in a cosmic epic war that makes ‘Avengers: Endgame’ look like a child’s play, if he returns to try again.